Sunday, May 6, 2007


I've been tagged by Manuela of The Feathered Nest. According to the game, I'm supposed to list 7 random things about myself. When I told my husband about this he said to list each family member and the dog as 1 through 4! ...he *thinks* he is so funny!

1. Actually, I will start with him! We met while I was touring with a Christian band (I sang) and he was the Music/ Youth guy at a church where our group gave a concert. Our group stayed in the area for a week and he drove to our concerts every night....he was a "groupie"! By the end of the week we knew we were meant to be! And one year later, after I finished my commitment to the band, we were married. It will be our 20th anniversary in August!!

2. I'm a homebody. I don't like to leave the house unless I have to. And grocery shopping is my least favorite thing to 'have to' get out and do!

3. I talk to my dog in full sentences and he really understands what I'm saying.

4. My husband enjoys cooking, so I let him! I don't have the patience to cook....or maybe it's the attention span? My husband says I should look at it as being creative. I guess I just enjoy other creative outlets more than I'm terrible at it! And I'm a slender, I always fall back on the old adage, "Never trust a skinny cook".

5. I love to garden, dig in the dirt, but I forget to water! Poor far my little herb garden hasn't suffered. Here is a photo...and let me just say, I don't like having my photo taken, but, here I am with eyes closed!, with Roscoe (see #3) and my new 'early Mother's Day' bird bath for my little herb garden!...this is not an attractive photo, but did I mention I don't like having my picture taken???

6. I can spot a barn red vs. a brick red door a mile a way! A few years ago I used to have a decorative painting business (small), painting faux finishes, stenciling, etc. And when a client had a certain color they wanted to use I would make up a sample board and take it to the paint store. The paint guys knew that I would not settle for a "close match". And that I could tell them if they needed to add a little umber, or more midnight blue, etc.
I'm not too obsessive about it when my boys dress themselves and the colors don't match least they did it on their own!

7. I keep my Netflix movies waaaayyyy too long! I've had a movie now for 3 weeks, and I can't find the time to watch it. So, if you have Masterpiece Theater's "Great Expectations" in your queue and you've been waiting on it...I have it, and I'll try to watch it this week!!

I'm new and I don't know many people yet, but I tag Robin of Robin Sherwood FreckleFarm (thanks Robin) Wendy of Whendi's Bears and Sylvia Anderson.
and if anyone else would like to join in, please do!


Anonymous said...

Hello Suzanne,
I am sure your dog understands you.
Those are the most loving dogs. They always remind me of sheep.
Thank-you for tagging me.
I will answer the questions tomorrow.


The Feathered Nest said...

Your husband is funny! I really enjoyed your list. It's fun to learn more about people. I'm a homebody too. I have to make a concerted effort to get out of the house. My daughter is like this too!

Your dog is a cutie and I know from experience with mine, that he understands everything you say!


Lana said...

Loved your list Suzanne! And I'm so glad to see another picture of you ~ they are far and few between.


rosemary said...

I caught up on the 3 posts I had missed...I have to stay away from TJ's and Big Lots....I get into big, big trouble in those places. Actually I talk to all of my pets in full sentences and they are as intelligent as your dog. You also gave him a very regal name...that helps.

Lorraine said...

Hee. You must be in Blogopia if you're already playing reindeer games.

You're husband is funny, but I'm biased.

FrenchGardenHouse said...


Loved your list, this is a fun way to know a little bit about you!

Wendy said...

Great list Suzanne and thanks for tagging me. I just posted mine today.


Southern Heart said...

I enjoyed reading your list! I'm a homebody, too (who has to work to pay for college right now). I like to leave the house just for fun! I'm a paint "mixologist", also (although not as skilled with pigments as you). It took me quite a few tries to learn that I don't live well with a lot of magenta (and love exterior red). Now, I have the paint professional check the formula before they mix. It got on their nerves at first, but I think they see it as kind of fun now.

I loved seeing the picture of you and your are a very pretty lady!


Anonymous said...

Hi Suzanne,
Sorry this took so long. I put up an About Robin Sherwood page on my
site. Tha should do it.
Thank-you for all of your support.

gina said...


My cat totally understands everything I say to her, and I understand everything she says to me too!

I kept "Sunday in the Park with George" for 10 weeks - and returned it without ever watching it. That became one expensive Netflix rental. Doh!

Sylvia Anderson said...

Hi Suzanne~
I loved reading the 7 interesting factoids about you! And the picture of you is really nice...even with your eyes closed. :) I am so sorry that I haven't updated my blog with the list of 7 items...I will post it this week. The deadlines I've had, coupled with my health problems in the last week have put me way behind. Thanks for your patience, and for "tagging" me!