Saturday, September 1, 2012

And Then What Happened?

 It is update day on TDIPT, and although the cooler autumn weather hasn't hit Boise yet, I've been thinking about and planning fall items since July. I took August off from the selling site to catch up on stuff here at home, but.......that didn't work out as planned! It has been a crazy August!

Here is the rundown: (Mind you, this has all happened in a few weeks, and no, I'm not making this up!) :)

* Husband fell, caught his ring finger on a railing as he went down and cut his finger deep enough for stitches. The wedding ring flew off, but he found it! He had nerve damage in the finger, so he had to have surgery. He will have to wear this HUGE bandage for three weeks while he tries to play the piano and guitar for school and church. Oh, and school (he is a Choir/Music teacher) started for him.

* Oldest Son (Ethan) has a severe sleep disorder. Sadly, no one in the medical field can figure out why he sleeps 18 plus hours a day (some days are worse, some are a little better). And, we do our best to keep him on a schedule and get him to wake up....again, some days are worse, some are better. He has sleep apnea with hypersomnia...which just means they don't know what to call it, or why it is happening. But, they gave him a CPAP (which only helps with the sleep apnea). This has been going on for years and impacts his life, as well as ours. Prayers for him please! He has decided to take classes at BSU, but we talked him into just two this semester...and they are both online.

* Youngest Son (Ben) ran into a base cabinet door at church while playing a game at youth group. His knee started swelling, so we had to take him to the ER (second time to visit that place in a week!). He didn't break anything, but tore some cartilage. He has to wear a brace for a few days, but should be okay.......and we started our last year of home school!

Well, I guess "home school" may never be over, especially now that "we've" started college. So far, we are taking Psychology 101 and Sociology 101. Should be an interesting semester! :)....IF I can keep him awake!
So, thank goodness I started some of my offerings before all of this happened! And, if you'd like to visit them, please click this link:

Here is a quick peek at all of them:

Crow's Feet~ This was one of those quirky ideas in my head that turned out cute when I was done, lol! 

 Autumn~ A primitive portrait. Haven't painted one of these in awhile, but thought I'd give it a "fall flair".  She was started way back in July! :)

 ~Little Miss Muffet and her Pumpkin Tuffet~ My Halloween/Harvest spin on the nursery rhyme.

Sorry for yet another longish post. Things happen so fast around here, I just can't keep up with blogging about them! 

~Happy "Almost" Fall! ~