Sunday, November 22, 2009

Anniversary Silhouettes

Mom, if you are reading away now! I'm taking a risk posting this today. My parents are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary on Thursday, also Thanksgiving Day, and I'm about to show you their gift.
Mom is not one to wait for surprises, so she is probably still here.......(tapping foot)..........(folding arms).........waiting for Mom to click away from this post!!!!

Ok, hopefully she is gone. Now let me show you what I made for them:

A few weeks ago, I received an email from a very sweet lady asking me if I painted custom silhouettes. I told her I had never done that before, but let me give it a try on my own children and I'd let her know if it was something I felt I could offer her.
So, I took profile photos of my children's faces and sat down to draw and paint. After I was done, my boys could recognize themselves, and said they liked them (this is high praise coming from them both!). So, I decided to ask my sister for her son's profile photo and see if I could paint my nephew's silhouette as well.

So three silhouettes later, the end result is the gift. I've painted all three of my parent's grandchildren in silhouette as a gift for their 50th wedding anniversary.

Here are my two boys; their profile photos I used to paint their silhouettes and their finished silhouettes:

This weekend I was busy painting the grandchildren of the customer who first inquired about custom silhouettes, and I sent out a little announcement last weekend offering custom silhouettes to customers on my email list and have also started painting those. Thanks to my email list for your orders!!

After my Mom and Dad receive their gift, I'll offer this on my website as well as my Etsy.
(Mom would probably peek if I put it on there now!)

If you are interested, just send me an email (also on sidebar), and I'll give you all the details.

Happy 50th Anniversary to my parents.....I hope I didn't spoil any surprises!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Books, Birds, and Birthdays

I had to give the blog a rest this past week. There was so much going on, it was hard to keep up!
We were taking mid-semester exams, reading novels, and writing papers, and in the midst of that, I was working on items to send to a show in New York.

My older son is reading the novel, "To Kill a Mockingbird" by Harper Lee. I loved this book in high school, and have read it many times since, and now we are reading it together as I do my best "southern girl" accent when I'm reading aloud to him, (being from TX, that's not too difficult for me). After we are done with the lessons and test, I'll make him watch the movie with me. I'm SURE he will appreciate the novel as much as I do when we are finished.
If he doesn't, perhaps he will when he is older..........

Atticus said that Jem was trying hard to forget something, but what he was really doing was storing it away for a while until enough time passed. Then he would be able to think about it and sort things out. When he was able to think about it, Jem would be himself again. ~Scout

~*~*~*~*~*~(Santa's face will be at the show, lol!....his beard is made from molding gel and it looks a little squished in the photo b/c I scanned it!)

This week was also spent painting some Christmas items, and boxing them up to ship to New York for a show. I was very excited when Sarah of The Paisley Studio asked me to send some items to the show. This will be my first "show", although I won't actually be there! Sarah will be there and if you live close by, please plan a visit during the show. Here are the details:

Country Parlor Holiday Home Show
Thanksgiving Weekend 2009
Friday, November 27 9 am to 3 pm
Saturday, November 28 9 am to 3 pm
Sunday, November 29 10 am to 2 pm

How to get there:
Route 58 Riverhead, New York to Northville Turnpike (3.5 miles east of Tanger Outlets)
Turn left onto Northville Turnpike to end at Sound Avenue
Turn right onto Sound Avenue and head east
Hallockville's Naugles Barn wil be approximately 2 miles east on the left

Simply the best Holiday Show on Long Island!

And here is a link for more info:


Just a little "Happy Birthday" wish to my he turns: (*?*) and I love every year of him! Happy Birthday Honey!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

~*The Eclectic Artisans*~

TEA (The Eclectic Artisans) final show of the year is now open. Please follow the link to the show and to the online Holiday Scavenger Hunt!

The Eclectic Artisans

There are so many fun Holiday/Winter/Christmas offerings to see!

For the update, I painted two Belsnickle Santas and used the gel medium for the trim on their coats. Then sprinkled some German (kind of fitting!) glass glitter on the medium while it was the trim sparkles like snow; the freshly fallen kind :)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

TEA will be served.....

Saturday evening (November 7th) The Eclectic Artisans will have our last show of the year. We will be having a Holiday Scavenger Hunt with several prizes to be given away! So, please plan to join us for the fun!

Just click on the name above to be taken to the site, and there you can read more about the details. I'll post a link tomorrow when we open. You don't want to miss the Scavenger Hunt....wish I could play! :)