Friday, May 18, 2007

"Passed" Painter of the Day

It's Friday already....what a week. My older son was tested for allergies on Monday and has a TON! Poor guy, didn't realize he was suffering so. I immediately made an appointment for my younger son. He we KNOW is allergic to most things, but would like to know all the specifics.

Then on Tuesday my husband was in a car accident. He is fine except for a few bumps and bruises, but his poor little truck was totaled. The other driver is accepting all liability..she came out of nowhere trying to cross a two lane road and he couldn't stop! I know he is sad about his truck...hopefully we will be able to find something for him soon.

So, this week I'm feeling me age....(no, I'm not gonna say how The stress of the week is catching up and I think we all need a relaxing weekend....indoors!...away from allergens and moving vehicles!
* * *
Today's painter is Deacon Robert Peckham (1785-1877). He was born in Petersham, MA and began painting in his early 20's. After his marriage in 1813 to Ruth Sawyer, he moved to Westminster where in 1828 at the First Congregational Church he was appointed as a deacon. He held that post for fourteen years. He was very vocal and passionate about his beliefs regarding temperance (not drinking ) and slavery. Deacon Peckham put his money, (or at least his house) where is mouth was...his home was used to hide the slaves who were trying to escape to freedom..he was part of the "underground railroad".

Apparently his church didn't like his mix of "church and state", so he left his post as deacon in 1842 and was excommunicated from his church in 1850. He moved to Worcester until 1862 when Congress passed the Emancipation Proclamation. Then he went back to his church and all was forgiven and regained his post as Deacon.

Most of Deacon Peckham's subjects were children. He had a distinctive style, and although he didn't sign many portraits, researchers have attributed many unsigned portraits to him based on the style, time period, and the fact that he painted subjects "as they really were"! He didn't try to make them too cute or hide any flaws. Little Oliver is one painting attributed to Deacon Peckham....he looks like he is full of mischief! And what was that mother thinking to give him a whip??

I'm still studying Deacon Peckham and haven't painted any portraits inspired by his work, but, for some reason Oliver just makes me laugh...maybe I'll try to paint him next.

Most of my research came from: "The Flowering of American Folk Art" by Jean Lipman * Alice Winchester© 1974

A wonderful book for your reference library....Oh! and a friend recommended "American Primitive Painting" also by Jean I ordered it and it should arrive any day! (thanks Lana)!

Everyone have a restful weekend!

(sorry, but somehow I had "not allow" for reader's comments earlier, guess I was tired when I posted. Yes! I would love for you to post a comment!)


Suzanne said...

"Suzanne, as always I enjoy reading the history behind the art. Little Oliver is adorable ~ love his hat! I am looking forward to seeing your interpretation of him. I'm so glad Jeff is okay and hope that your boys can get some relief from those allergy woes. Have a beautiful, peaceful day! Lana"

*Lana emailed this to me...'cause I had a block on reader's comments! Sorry!! I *think* I fixed it.

The Feathered Nest said...

Suzanne, I enjoyed reading about Deacon Peckham!

Hope you have a restful and uneventful weekend!


Lorraine said...

Hi Suzanne! Thanks for the art history lesson.

I hope the boys are all okay!

Have a great night!


Southern Heart said...

Hi Suzanne...I enjoyed hearing about the painter today, and seeing that portrait, too. Maybe he was a little rider of some sort?

I'm sorry about your DH's wreck, but glad that he's ok. I hope that you have everyone's allergies under control soon, too!

Have a good weekend...

SweetAnnee said...

Oliver looks so dapper!!
I am so glad your hubby is okay. hope your guys all get to feeling better have had a stressful week, but alas , this too shall pass.
Thanks for sharing your knowledge & talent.

Lorraine said...

Yikes! Hope my bubby is alright!