Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Emma Rose

American Folk Art
is having a May Flowers theme. The artists are updating their galleries with new offerings, and this months theme is "Flowers". So, I painted Emma Rose...she is loosely based on a painting by John Bradley ©1844 (remember the "Passed" painter that painted several portraits using a kitten and a potted rose bush in his portraits?). She is holding a rose plucked from the rose bush that her kitten is climbing...Ouch!

June/July's theme is "Americana", then for August its "Life's A Beach". Hmmmm, I'll have to start doing a bit of research for this one!

To see more photos of Emma Rose please visit my website:
Pear Tree Primitives


FrenchGardenHouse said...

Emma Rose is wonderful! What a talent you have, a true gift.

I love to visit your "new" paintings...I bet it's hard to let them go to new homes.

Lana said...

Beautiful portraits and Gloria, the angel, is so folky looking!

I always look forward to seeing your new artwork.


The feathered nest said...

Ouch, silly ktty! Wonderful painting - you are so talented!


Lorraine said...

A certain neice will be very flattered.

Rhoda said...

You are very talented, Suzanne! Just stopping by to say hello.

Southern Hospitality

rosemary said...

If you ever do a Rosemary with violets and a kitty...it is MINE.

You are a wonder!

Ulla said...

This is really charming! Found you via Lauren's blog... Where do you sell your paintings? How much is this one??? very sweet!

Suzanne said...

Hi Ulla, I'm not sure how to email you from blogspot...being new to this and all!

Emma Rose sold yesterday, she was on: american-folk-art.com

but I have 2 others on there right now...in both I've painted boys, I wonder why they don't sell as quickly as little girls??? Hmmmm, I like boys! lol

Anyway, the other place I sell is:


Right now I have one portrait for sale there.

Thanks for asking...do you have a blog? I can't seem to find you.


~~kattz*cottage~~ said...

Emma Rose is Lovely! Love the kitty....reminds me of my Karma kitty! I'm sure she will be loved in her new home. I would love to see the "field of bluebonnets" you painted! I'm sure it's gorgeous!
Have a nice evening!

Dana said...

Hello Suzanne!

Yet another DARLING portrait!!! Emma Rose is just adorable. Keep up the wonderful work ... I'm always happy to see your new things.


Annie said...

She is too wonderfuL!!!! I love your work, Miss Suzanne. And you're a sweet heart to boot!