Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving Wishes~

Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 24, 2008

TEA will be served.....

this morning around "10-ish", Eastern. So, please join us then to view our new offerings:


This weekend I got a little addicted to something, and I know I should probably stop before, well,............before everyone in my family has to be "gifted" with one this Christmas! But, they are so fun to make. I couldn't stop!

Here is what I'm talking about....

~Scrabble© Tile Charms~

(do you know how difficult it is to take a picture of your own neck?)

I have 2 (with gift boxes) over on TEA today. And I'm putting some of these charms in my Etsy shop too, with more on the way. :-)
stay tuned for next weeks addiction...I've purchased supplies for glass tiles and they should be here soon.

*This Scrabble© board game was purchased "as is" with pieces missing at a junque store. No complete Scrabble© board game was harmed in the making of these charms.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Please Have Some TEA~ will warm you up!

Please join us for TEA this Monday, November 24th for our online webshow update.

The artists of The Eclectic Artisans are offering Winter and Christmas goodies to help you with your Christmas list or to “deck your halls”.

I will have 2 offerings for the webshow. Well, actually 3, if you don’t count the 2nd item as a set. Hmmmmm???

You’ll just have to come and see what my ramblings are all about! Please mark you calendars for Monday Morning, November 24th~

Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Couple of Plugs

Plug One:

Lana and I are featured on Today's Primitive Home. (November 15th article, if you visit later than the 15th, just scroll down the page to find us and read the article. The website updates with new artists each day.)

If you haven't visited this great site, please check it out. The website focuses on American Folk Art and artists, and they do it with humor and wit. It's a fun read, plus lots of fabulous folk art!)

Plug Two:

Susan of Prim and Proper Folks is having a great giveaway! (I really love snowmen, and couldn't pass up a chance to win one of her sweet softies). If you'd like to enter for a chance to win as well, just click on the giveaway pic on my have until Dec. 1st

Friday, November 14, 2008

New Offerings

It's time again for the artists of The Primitive Gathering to update their pages with new offerings!
I've pulled out the soldering supplies and made a few Christmas charms to hang on a tree, or wear on a jacket or with your favorite holiday sweater! Each charm is boxed in a prettily wrapped paper mache box. On the lid of each box, I've painted a single word with embellishments that complement the paper. Each box and charm is sold as a set and would make a great gift for a Secret Santa, a teacher, or for yourself! (square box and charm are sold, thanks!)

I've also painted some Holiday Tiles for seasonal decorating. A feather tree with ornaments, an angel with a gold horn and the word "Rejoice" painted at the bottom, and a snowgent with a top hat. Each is signed, sealed and a hanger is attached on the back. (snowman and tree tiles are sold, thank you!)

Please visit my updated webpage, as well as all the other artist who update on the 15th, later this evening.

(Just refresh your page a few times if you still see "Holly")

Monday, November 10, 2008

A Circle of Leaves

Autumn Leaves

Leaves are floating softly down;
Some are red and some are brown.
The wind goes swish through the air;
And when you look back, there are no leaves there. (Author Unknown)

You'll have to indulge me a little....I love fall! (Yes, even the raking and bagging part).
We lived in AZ for nine years before we made our way back to the NW, and during those 9 years, we really missed having seasons! My sweet sis-in-law would send our boys a box of leaves every fall. We would open it in the backyard and the boys would take turns jumping on them, lol! The boys aren't as excited about the leaves now that they are older and are asked to help with the raking, however!

We were waiting for a break in our rainy weather to do our raking. This Saturday the drizzle stopped long enough for us to make our leaf mounds, (....and circles ☺)!

The Leaves

The leaves had a wonderful frolic.
They danced to the wind's loud song.
They whirled, and they floated, and scampered.
They circled and flew along.

The moon saw the little leaves dancing.
Each looked like a small brown bird.
The man in the moon smiled and listened.
And this is the song he heard.

The North Wind is calling, is calling,
And we must whirl round and round,
And then, when our dancing is ended,
We'll make a warm quilt for the ground. (Anonymous)

My husband took the photo of the rain droplets on the pear tree limbs. The pear tree leaves are falling, but not as quickly as the maple and elm in the backyard!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

TIDIPT's White Christmas and Tonight's the Night!

Tonight is the night for the debut of the new selling site:
Thank you all for the well wishes for our new endeavor! We are so excited to work together and offer our creations and interpretations of the past, and more specifically, share our love for Early American art. So, if you are not on one of our email lists, and would like to be informed of the updates, please contact either Lana, or me:



We are planning updates every 3 months or so, and are already excited about planning for the next one! Please join us at 8 PM Eastern tonight!


This month, To Dwell in Primitive Thymes Mercantile is having a theme: "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas". The artists are offering items in cream and white hues. Please click the link to view all of the wonderful offerings! And be sure to follow the link to the TDIPT blog to sign up for the mailing list and a chance to win prizes and a gift certificate!

Here are my offerings for the update:

~ Snow Globe

~Chilly Chums