Monday, May 21, 2007

Around the Yard

This weekend was filled with needful tasks, but uneventful ones.
Which is the best kind of weekend to have after the eventful week we had last week.
One project my husband completed was the building of sweetpea trellis. To my surprise, the sweetpeas I planted about a month and a half ago decided to grow! I really thought with the strange weather we had last month (cold, then warm, then cold again), they wouldn't show their little heads...but, to my surprise they did and needed a place to climb. So, with some wood, nails, chicken wire and paint, the man "with all the tools, but always needs one more", made this cute trellis.
(actually, I don't mind that he wants more tools....he always makes something wonderful!)

Last week, for Mom's Day, I was given a clematis for the back is starting to bloom! This is the first bloom (and only). But there are lots of buds!

AND speaking of buds, the roses in the yard must have taken a consensus and voted to bloom all at once this weekend...the aroma is wonderful!!

I believe the previous homeowners envisioned an English garden with LOTS of Roses, Lilacs, and Lavender....and we are enjoying their efforts!


Lana said...

Suzanne ~ everything is looking lovely! Roses, lilacs, lavender, clematis, sweet pea, along with a handy, dandy husband? Everything a girl could want in her garden!


The Feathered Nest said...

Whoa, that bottom yellow rose bush looks like a tree! It's huge! Sounds like you have a gorgeous yard. I love all those flowers! I'm glad you had a fun but uneventful weekend!


Southern Heart said...

You are a very gifted gardener...everything looks so lush and beautiful! Your DH is quite talented, too!


Anonymous said...

Oh you lucky woman. The perfume from your garden. Must be wonderful.

rosemary said...

Yes, a man can never have too many tools which is why I have handbags...fair is fair. Your flowers are lovely...they must be inspiring.

Lorraine said...

Beautiful flowers, Suzanne:)!!

Nana said...

Wow, Girl.

All is looking very beautiful.

Is this perhaps your reward for surviving all those desert years?

I'm thinking so.

Suzanne said...

Thanks everyone~

Yes, the aroma is very nice...*sniff*, but I can't take any credit for the beauty. I just enjoy the fragrance and cut them back after blooming season.

Manuela, that rose "tree" is huge, and we just let it grow! Too large to prune!
...and yes, Nana, a very nice reward, indeed!


Doreen said...

oh what a beautiful yellow rose bush...reminds me of my gram. :) Thank you for sharing..

love your's beautiful


FrenchGardenHouse said...


I love Sweet Peas!There is something so wonderful about a bunch of those, the smell, the way they look.

And ofcourse your ROSES are amazing, you have the prettiest garden.

I have tagged you (sorry, it's just a teeny tiny little tag) please visit my blog today to see.