Monday, April 28, 2008

You Would Think....

....that after a year of blogging and being on blogspot, I would have played around with all of the features and familiarized myself with the "ins" and "outs" of the system. But I realized this past week that I've never known how to add a catchy phrase to the bottom of each post where people click to comment. Someone emailed asking how to post a comment for the give away....and I had to explain it by saying, "You click on the words, # ( a number) comment."

That sounded nondescript and confusing. So this weekend, I clicked around in blogspot and found the page where you can add a greeting to the "post a comment" page... (and I got a little silly...but I may keep it!)

I had help finding the edit page to add a catchy phrase to the bottom of each post.....(Thanks Lana!).

And before you read what "catchy phrase" I added and are offended and refuse to post....let me explain the word "Quaint"!!
(The word can also be found on My Website as the title to the links page, and I thought it would be cute here too.)

Here are a couple of definitions of the adjective "Quaint":

From Free Dictionary


1. Charmingly odd, especially in an old-fashioned way: "Sarah Orne Jewett . . . was dismissed by one critic as merely a New England old maid who wrote quaint, plotless sketches of late 19th-century coastal Maine" James McManus.
2. Unfamiliar or unusual in character; strange: quaint dialect words. See Synonyms at strange.
3. Cleverly made; artful.

[Middle English, clever, cunning, peculiar, from Old French queinte, cointe, from Latin cognitus, past participle of cognscere, to learn; see cognitive.]

...really, don't be is another:


Middle English queinte, cointe, from Anglo-French, clever, expert, from Latin cognitus, past participle of cognoscere to know
13th century
see strange
1obsolete : expert, skilled. 2 a: marked by skillful design <quaint with many a device in India ink — Herman Melville> b: marked by beauty or elegance3 a: unusual or different in character or appearance : odd quaint people — Herman Wouk> b: pleasingly or strikingly old-fashioned or unfamiliar

So please post away any and all~ Charmingly Odd, Expertly Skilled, Old-fashioned Peculiar, Cleverly Artful, and Unusually Beautiful Elegant people!

(thanks Lana for the photo of the "quaint" lady!)

Saturday, April 26, 2008

And the Winners are......

Thank you all for visiting, posting about my celebration on your blog, and stopping by to say "hello". I filled the ironstone pitcher with your names (twice if you posted on your blog)....... and then stuck my hand in and pulled two names out!
1st Gift: Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio

and 2nd Gift: Deb of Posted-From-Home

Thank you all again for the sweet comments....I'm halfway through the comment list and enjoying my visits to each of your beautiful blogs. Hope to stop by and say "hi" to everyone soon.

Monday, April 21, 2008

~Blogaversary Celebration and Give Away~

I can't believe it has been a year since I chose my blog name and posted my First Post.
I was a little tentative about this thing called a "blog", but I have had so much fun this year meeting new people, visiting other countries (via the blogs), keeping up with talented friends, and being inspired by people's lives. So, I'd like to have a little give away to celebrate my "one-year-oldness".

I'm pulling down the ironstone pitcher from the hutch and will add your name to it if you would be so kind as to leave a comment on this post.

Here are the details:

1st name drawn: A "Bird-themed" gift....the winner will receive a hand-painted Robin's nest. This nest and eggs are painted on a 6 X 7 piece of wood. It has a hanger attached on the back, and will come signed and dated. I've made a little hanging folk art bird, and a set of 4 note cards (4.5X5.5) printed from my original paintings.

2nd name drawn: A "Strawberry-themed" gift.....the winner will receive a hand-painted whimsical strawberry in a black distressed frame with a gold metal inset rim (5 x 6). I've also made a strawberry pin keep out of wool (4X5).

Please leave a comment by this friday, April 25th, 12:00 pm (MST) on this post to be entered. Whether you visit frequently and post, or visit but don't usually post, or this is your first visit, all are welcome (no matter where you live). If you have difficulty posting, just send me an Email.

And don't forget to leave your email or a link to your blog or website so I will be able to contact you if you win! Thank you for helping me celebrate!


If you read my first post (link at the top of this post), you'll read about "my friend"....that is Lana, and she started a blog a few days before I did. So, she is also celebrating her first year of blogging. Please click on the link to help her celebrate!~

Honeysuckle Lane's Blogaversary


Friday, April 18, 2008

Technical Difficulties

I was trying to take a picture of something pretty, flowery and blooming in my backyard to post as I wrote about how behind I am on getting things ready for my Blogaversary give away....but my camera decided it was tired, and the battery died. So, I can't post a pretty picture or even take pictures of items that I don't have ready for my Blogaversary give away! Lol! Whew! (imagine saying that really fast and breathlessly), please stay tuned while the battery recharges and I paint a little something this weekend.

Monday, April 14, 2008

A "Blank" Canvas

“Life is a great big canvas, and you should throw all the paint you can on it.”

Danny Kaye ~(Musician, Comedian, and Entertainer 1913-1987)

The joke in my family when I was painting on customer's walls, and the walls of our own home to "practice", was...." If you stand or sit still long enough, Mom will paint you." And that meant paint ON you. Which actually happened once or twice...but, that's another story!

I "try" to keep the paint on paintable is a surface that is paintable...but unexpected one!
These are fun to paint and the red brick reminds my of Redware Pottery . For this set of tiles, I started with red brick tiles from a home improvement store, choosing the ones that have a flat even surface. Then cleaned them with isopropyl alcohol and base coated them with black paint.

Before I go on.... black chalkboard paint would be fun to use on these, then you could write or draw on them and then erase!

After the black is dry, I use a gray watercolor pencil to draw out my design. (This is my original design, so please create one of your own!, thanks!). You could use a stencil here too. Then I block out the design with white to help the strawberries and pottery to stand out against the black. Then paint! After the paint dries, seal it with a matte sealant.

If you'd prefer ready-made ones....I have these offered on The Primitive Gathering, which will be updated tomorrow on the 15th. I also painted a little chickadee on wood for the 15th...please stop by and take a peek at all of the artist's offerings.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Another Party~ A Birthday Celebration!

The Primitive Gathering is having it's one year birthday celebration! And to celebrate, there is a give away! Please click HERE and leave a comment on the PG blog to be entered for a chance to win a celebration gift from one of the artists.


And speaking of one year blog birthday, anniversary?, blogaversary? is coming up. (I'll try to figure out what to call it before I post! lol ) So, please visit sometime next week for the particulars for a give away!
Have a wonderful weekend. It is "supposed" to be 75 degrees sometime this weekend!! Yippee! That is a welcome relief from the inch of snow we had on Wednesday. (yes, snow! crazy weather...)

Monday, April 7, 2008

~An Invitation to TEA~

Today is TEA's first webshow, and here is your invitation: (formal attire optional, I'll be wearing jeans and a sweatshirt!).......

I am a proud member of a small but select group of artists called
The Eclectic Artisans (TEA).
We will all be participating in a grand web show beginning Monday,
April 7, 2008.

Our members' talents span many categories: hooked rugs, penny rugs, beeswax ornaments & candles, painting, paper creations, teddy bears, dolls of every kind and much more.

Here are the participating artists:
* Blue Jean Primitives
* Chickadee Primitives
* Country Rustic Primitives
* Daughternature Folk Art
* Foothill Primitives

* Hallowed Hill Primitives
* Honeysuckle Lane
* Love the Prim Look

* Make Me A Memory
* Pear Tree Primitives
* PieCake Primitives
* Primitive Bettys
* TFC Folk Art

* Whendi's Bears
* Wings & Paws Primitives

You can find my work under Pear Tree Primitives.
The Eclectic Artisan's WebShow begins today Monday, April 7, 2008.

Here is a peek at my offerings for the webshow:

Jane Ann (my interpretation of Ammi Phillips' 1820 painting. Jane Ann is 22 X 26 framed.)

Stacking Boxes (well....they "look" like stacking boxes. It is actually one piece of wood, painted and shaded to look like 3 stacking boxes.) 8 X 12

Thank you....I hope you'll join us for TEA!

Please see more photos of these offerings on my website:
Pear Tree Primitives
(then click on "Painter of the Past~ Gallery" and "Early Wares")

Saturday, April 5, 2008

~Doreen's Give Away~

Doreen of Vermont Harvest Primitives is having her 100th post give away. And to celebrate, she is giving away some yummy gifts! (She lives in Vermont, so there is Maple syrup involved!)
Follow the link to the celebration...........

Friday, April 4, 2008

"Passed" Painter~ Revisited

The weather is warming slightly and we've had a few sunny days....the daffodils are even popping up through the ground! Spring is definitely on the way. But, I stayed indoors most days this week to finish painting Jane Ann. She is ready for the for the TEA's Webshow on Monday April 7th. (I'll post a reminder to visit this weekend)...I'll have to wait until then to introduce you to her.

This portrait on the left is painted by Ammi Phillips in 1820, my interpretation of his Jane Ann will be shown on TEA's Webshow on Monday April 7th.

I know I've featured Ammi Phillips as a "Passed" painter on my blog, (please click the link for the previous post on Ammi Phillips), but I'd like to share his painting that was the inspiration for the Jane Ann I painted.
I fell in love with the portrait that Mr. Phillips painted of Jane Ann Campbell in 1820, and wanted to paint my own interpretation of Miss Jane Ann. Ammi gave her such a sweet expression, she must have been the perfect portrait sitter. Of course she had her little doll to keep her company too!

And another of Ammi's portraits is calling my name! lol! This little strawberry girl, (Mary Elizabeth, 1827) would be so sweet for a spring/summer portrait.....hmmmm? I may have to set my paints up outside this weekend...the garage can wait!

Have a great weekend.....I think I'll probably be cleaning a garage, hope your weekend is a little more fun!