Saturday, January 1, 2011

A New Year

Happy New Year! That phrase comes so quickly right after Christmas it sometimes surprises me that the year is already gone before I've taken down the Christmas decorations. They now sit in their plastic tubs waiting to go to the garage. No one wants to venture outside to the garage because it is SO cold here. High today was 25, and earlier this week it was even colder.....teens and single digit degrees. For some of you that may not be so bad, but I'm very ready for spring.....those tubs of Christmas decor may have to wait until then to be put away! :)

(go ahead, it's can click to enlarge, it's clean now!)

One of those tasks that never seems to get done (at least in my house) is cleaning the refrigerator. The new year, and the fact that the 'fridge was just plain disgusting!, brought me to my knees this evening. After a scrumptious New Year's dinner (prepared by my husband), we were washing dishes and I started to put the leftovers in the fridge when some little spot on a shelf caught my eye and well, one thing led to another and ALL of it had to come out and get cleaned! Sitting and kneeling for, uh,......(I don't want to admit how long it took me!), I learned a few things from my 'fridge and its contents, maybe even a few lessons that can be applied to life for the new year:

1) The date on the bottle is NOT a suggestion.

2) Dehydrated lettuce residue makes a really strong bonding agent.

3) Anything placed in the BACK of the 'fridge will most likely never be consumed....or even touched by anyone.

4) What is that? I didn't know I had a thermometer in here.

5) Aged cheese does NOT get better with age.

6) Salad dressing manufacturers are missing a marketing opportunity by not selling small/single-sized bottles in a variety pack.

7) Glass shelving never stays clear OR clean.

8) If I put paper towels on the glass shelves to keep the shelves clean, the paper towels will get pushed to the back of the 'fridge, (see #3).

9) What is that? I didn't know applesauce could turn that color.

10) New Year's resolution.....clean out the 'fridge before the next new year!

The new year was also update day on TDIPT. For something fun, fresh and a little folksy (or funky, as my boys commented), I've made some "Paper Dolls" out of artist cardboard, and "grunge board". I found both of these items in the scrap booking section of our Hobby Lobby. (Scrap booking is something I've never really done, all our photos are in boxes! and I tend to get lost in that section anyway....but I wandered in there and found these...and then I found my way out!) The cardboard is sold as book covers that you can embellish with paper, etc., to make photo albums. The grunge board is like the cardboard, but a little more pliable and easier to cut, so I made the limbs of the dolls out of those and the bodies out of the stiffer cardboard.

Here is a link to visit Dorothy and Delores:

Wishing you and yours a Happy New Year.....and a healthy one, now that my 'fridge is clean! :)