Sunday, March 31, 2013

TDIPT is Closing

Happy Easter! I hope you had a day of blessed reflection and celebration. We had three services at church this, after we ate lunch, it was rest time! :)

In my last post, I said I was going to try and make a skirt for myself. Well, I ended up finding a pattern that I liked so well, I made three new skirts! Two of them have the scalloped edge and one doesn't...I thought the pattern was too busy for a fancy hem! I wore one today for Easter Sunday. (Bare legs with white sandals...or is that bare sandals with white legs, either way, I was a bit chilly!).

(What I was really excited to learn was how to put in an invisible zipper....this was my first one! And, after the third skirt, I felt I had it down!)


Tonight is update time for the month of April on TDIPT. I haven't made anything new to offer...we had Spring Break this past week, and life seems busier when we don't really have a schedule to follow. So, tonight I'll just be posting a "thank you" and a "goodbye".

To Dwell in Primitive Thymes (TDIPT) is closing its online doors in May. I joined this group the year after they opened, and have enjoyed getting to know the artists and their lovely work. We've become an online family. I know the leaders struggled with this decision, but knew it was best for everyone if TDIPT just left on a high note. So, thank you TDIPT artists who created the best primitive offerings each month, thank you to all of our leaders who worked tirelessly behind the scenes promoting our art, and thank you buyers and supporters who validated our hard work with your purchases and encouraging comments. It has been a pleasure to be in such good company.

Please stop by during the month of April. The final updates will be this evening and on the 15th of April. 


For now, I will just sell through my Etsy shops and sometimes on my blogs. You can follow me here on Pear Tree Primitives, or over on Lilly Dew Designs.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Marching Into Spring

Nope, spring has not arrived in our part of the world.....yet! But, it is now March, and that means at least the season will change on the calendar. And, hopefully, the weather will soon change along with it. So, in anticipation of that change, I've pulled out my sewing machine to make a few things.

Lil' Petunia is ready for spring. I've made her for the March TDIPT update. Once in a while, I pull out my sewing machine and find that I get more involved in making the clothes of the doll than I really had intended. This is the case for Petunia. She is a bunny made of quilter's muslin and then hand-painted to resemble a brown dutch bunny....that was simple enough because I had saved a pattern I'd made from previous "bunny making".

Then I had this idea I saw on a Lilly Pulitzer skirt.... I just loved! A sweet scalloped hem with grosgrain ribbon finish. Cute skirt, I thought, and maybe I'd try to make myself one when I finished with Petunia. (Having only boys, I don't have any girls to sew for...not that they would wear anything I ever sewed...but, the idea of making girl's clothes is a romantic notion.)

So, hoping it is "age appropriate", I'm going to attempt to make an A-line skirt and create a template for the scalloped hem line...all before Easter. (I'm going to use the pattern for skirt D, with an invisible zipper!) Wish me luck!

For now, please visit Lil' Petunia on my TDIPT page: Pear Tree on TDIPT (She comes fully dressed!).