Friday, September 26, 2008

What Kind of Art?

After several gentle prods and nudges from friends and family.....I finally did it!

I had some business cards printed! Now I have a little something to put in packages mailed to customers, something to hand out when I'm asked, "And what is it that you do?".

Of course, I'll still have to explain my art when asked, it seems the majority of people I come in contact with don't understand "Early American Art", go figure! :-)

I used Vista Print, an online printing company. They allow you to upload your own photo, select font and color, and, with some limits, allow you to design your own business card.

And this was a the minimum order.....I think I'll have plenty for awhile!

Have a great weekend....

PS. I had to ask my husband what variety of pumpkins he planted in the garden, and he *thinks* he planted the variety that will eventually turn orange. I'll keep you posted on their progress!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Autumn's Arrival~ TEA's Webshow

"Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking successive autumns." Author: George Eliot

TEA's Webshow will be updated with new offerings, September 22, (the first day of Autumn!)......beginning at 9 AM Eastern.
Please click on the link above to visit all of the artist's pages and read a little about the group.

For the update, I've painted an autumn silhouette of an Oak tree, pumpkins and crows and a not-so-very-scary scarecrow in watercolor, both are my own designs. Please click on the link below to view the paintings on the 22nd. (you may need to refresh the page)

Inspiration for the silhouette came from our own backyard....minus the crows (although, we sometimes have Magpies visit).
Here is a photo of our pumpkin patch growing next to a Maple (not Oak) tree!

And here is a close-up of one of the pumpkins...the boys can't wait to carve them!

*Happy Autumn*

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Jacquelynne's Give Away!

Hurry on over to Jacquelynne of The Noble Wife's blog for a great give away....she is collecting names for her drawing and you don't want to miss out! There are three ways to be entered, and you can read about it and enter by clicking on this link:

Monday, September 15, 2008

~New Autumn Offerings~

The Primitive Gathering updates on the 15th, and here are my offerings this month.
(I was feeling very whimsical this month!)

Percy and Penelope Pumpkin~

These whimsical portraits are one of a kind and were painted on lightly textured canvas board. Each 6 x 8 frame is slightly distressed and sealed. The backs of each have a hanger attached and are covered in paper.

They can be sold separately, but they make a sweet pumpkin pair for an autumn display.

Pumpkin Cones~

These whimsies have hand-sculpted paperclay heads. Each pumpkin head is hand-painted and the papermache cones are wrapped in embossed paper. The paper is painted and brushed with a coordinating color, them applied to the cone.

Each has "antiqued" silver tinsel, and a wire hanger that is attached with metal clips. And each is approximately 9 1/2 inches from the wire hanger to the bottom of the cross or bell.

Here is a link to my webpage on The Primitive Gathering:

Me on The Primitive Gathering

Please be sure to check out the offerings of all the artists while you are visiting!

Thanks again for the suggestions on what (cat/doll), "Katrina" should hold in her hands. I went with the mouse and now she has one attached to her hands!

She is on Ebay this week~

Thursday, September 11, 2008

~Dangerous Blogger on Board~

[!]**Under Construction**[!]

There is a saying that a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing....well, consider yourself warned! I'm armed with a little html/ (computer language) knowledge now and may be considered a danger to my blog!

I've learned to add a background page, and now the background is subject to change at any time!
(but I promise not to "rearrange the furniture" too often.....I don't want you to feel lost when you visit!)

Thanks to everyone for the helpful emails. I'm still "tweaking" it, but will soon decide on something.

Have a great weekend!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Havin' Some Bloggin' Fun

Have you seen the new gadgets you can add to your blog here on blogspot? I've been playing around with them. Not sure how they all work yet, or if I'll click something and blow up my little bit of the world wide web! So far everything has stayed intact, fingers crossed!

There is a new feature where you can "follow" a blog. I added it to my blog and then asked Lana to see if it worked. Thanks Lana! She is now a "follower" of this blog, and when she adds the gadget to hers, (um....hint, hint), I can sign up to follow hers. So, let me know if you've added this new feature to your blog and we can "follow" each other....not sure where we will end up though!
(my "follow" link is on the sidebar, right before you get to "My Links")

Oh, and I've changed the blog colors and template design a little too (just couldn't help but play around once I was on the dashboard!) And, yes...I realize the dress color of the girl in the banner doesn't actually "match" the new background color, but I couldn't customize a color. So I'd like to add my own background to the blog....does anyone know how to do that?

Would you send me an email? Thanks!

Woodworking and Whimsies

The weather was beautiful this weekend, and it was hard not to step outside and enjoy it. But, it was time to get my items ready for The Primitive Gathering update on the 15th, and I had to make myself work inside, with the doors and windows opened!
I've been working on a few offerings for a few weeks now, and just had to put the finishing touches on them, so the whole weekend wasn't spent indoors.

(Can you see the pumpkin patch in the background?)

But this weekend my husband (aka...High School Choir Director), did go outside and he pulled out his woodworking tools. I thought he was going to make me something! I have a few benches "on order" from him, but that wasn't what he had in mind. He worked on bullroarers* for his Music Appreciation class of 20 high schoolers....I REALLY hope they "appreciate" all of his hard work! (no, you don't detect any sarcasm in my writing at all...well, maybe just a little. But you have to realize, when I saw the tools, well, I "thought" he was going to start the benches!)

This is the second year he has taught this class and he loves introducing musical instruments and ethic groups the kids may never had heard before., and help these groups "come to life" with hands-on projects. I guess he makes it more of an "ethnomusicology" class.

Anyway, back to the tools that he wasn't using for my benches.....(nope, no sarcasm here *snicker*). He did however, cut out 20 or so oval discs with his bandsaw and drilled a hole for a string to go through. He also sanded each one.....they had better appreciate that part!

The students will decorate their own this week and then head out to the football field where they will be instructed to stand VERY far apart from one another and twirl their instrument!
It is a really cool sound....a high pitched note on "air"! :)

Maybe next weekend can be "bench" weekend??

*Bullroarer~ a musical instrument (aerophone) of the Australian aboriginies, used ceremonially, for communication, and to hunt.


.....and my offerings that I finished will be updated on the 15th on PG. Here is a little sneak peek.

Thank you for the suggestions in the last post and in emails about what the cat/doll should hold in her hands....I'm going to "try" to make a mouse, the key word being "try"! It may end up looking like a dead one. :-)