Friday, May 21, 2010

Puppy Love

(taken last year when he was in a cooperative mood!)

I have to confess...I do love my puppy. Well, he is not really a "puppy" any longer; just one at heart. Roscoe is an older, more distinguished gentlemen now and has been with us since he was a puppy. It's been almost 11 years, but he still has playful puppy-like qualities. Some are endearing, like when he wants to chase you or have you throw is favorite stuffed toy and play tug-of-war. Some are annoying, like when he barks at invisible and/or visible beings for absolutely no reason other than they were walking past HIS house, or he imagined them there!

And he hasn't really mastered the fine art of walking on a leash....he loves to go on walks, well we call them "smells", because he has to sniff and smell everything along the way without regard to the person holding the other end of the leash!

He does love a good squirrel chase and I love having squirrels in my backyard...which doesn't always balance out. And although my oldest son reminds me that squirrels come from the Rodentia genus, or are related to the rat family.....I still enjoy them, and so does Roscoe... in his own way. I think the squirrels like the attention, and the "sport" because they love to sit close to our french doors and taunt him!

And many of you love your pets (for better or for worse!) as well. A friend recently asked if I would paint some canine friends of hers and put them in period clothing. I've done this a few times and enjoy doing it, and each time I do, my family asks me when I'm going to paint Roscoe. So far, I haven't decided what he should wear!....if anything. lol!

Here are a few pics of Patty's cousin's beloved family pets. Don't you just love their faces?

And here is my interpretation of them dressed in period clothing.........

While we are on the topic of custom portraits.....Dee's custom portrait of her son is almost done. All that is left is for me to paint an oval painting over on the left side (right side when looking at it) to balance the overall portrait.

Have a great weekend! We have one more Science experiment this semester, so that's what we'll be doing! Glad it's nothing combustible! :)

Monday, May 17, 2010


"Sale" -ebrating :

1) Two and half weeks left in the school year....then, Summer Vacation!!

2) Spring has FINALLY arrived in the Northwest! (and I really need help with my "Spring Cleaning"!)

3) Embarrassed to say, I've never had an online sale before (that's not really a celebrating-kind of-thing, more of a confession!)

4) A few weeks ago I was told I would be included in this year's Early American Life 2010 Artisan's Directory! Very exciting, but a little embarrassing, because I was so unsure of myself (confession again) that I submitted two items for consideration, and both were accepted. So, I guess I'll be in there twice which looks a little like "overkill"!

So all that to say.....Please use the link below to see all the Spring Cleaning "Sale"ebration items for sale through May 31st. There are links to my email on my website, but if you see something that interests you, you can use my email link below. And if you would like to be placed on my mailing list for future sales (I promise to have more! ), and updates, please email me!

Just give it a minute to load....for some reason it is being slow to load from my blog.
Sale through May 31st

Suzanne's Email


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

While searching for inspirational Mother's Day sayings, I came across this quote:

"The most important gift that a father can give his children is to love their mother."
Rev. Theodore M. Hesburgh

I thought it was fitting, and I know my sons have a wonderful example in their father....and that is the best Mother's day gift of all!
Merry, Merry Mother's Day to everyone! Hope you enjoy spending time with your family today.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Spring's Simple Pleasures

The first day of spring is one thing, and the first spring day is another.
The difference between them is sometimes as great as a month.
- Henry Van Dyke, Fisherman's Luck, 1899

Well said, Henry! Spring has been slow to arrive in our area this year. But this past weekend some flowers began to appear, and Oh! the lilacs smell so yummy! When we moved to Boise almost five years ago we purchased our home in the late summer. Nothing was in bloom, of course, so when spring rolled around the following year we were treated to a yard full of blooming plants of all kinds! The previous owners had left us presents in the form of roses (LOTS of them!), spring bulbs of all varieties, and a bed of berry bushes. My favorite gift they left for us is the row of lilac bushes....trees really, they stand well over 8 to 12 feet tall. They even planted one outside our bedroom window!

Before we moved in, the previous owners had to convert the house from a septic system to the sewer system. One of the lilac bushes had to be removed in the process. In its place we planted another lilac is slowly catching up with the rest.

The lilacs decided to bloom this past week even though we've had a cold, wet (and snowy) spring so far. The fragrance is almost overwhelming....but I "force" myself to stand near them and take it all in! :) Aaaaaaaah!

Here is a better photo of the baby lilac. It is about four or five (ish) feet now, so in another few years it should be the same size as all the rest!

Yea Spring!~