Monday, October 27, 2008

The Green Goo....and Other Horror Stories

I tried to lift my head, but the room kept spinning. My head was so heavy, it felt as if it would pop off!...and that would have been a relief from all the green stuff it was oozing.

Ok, I'll spare you any more details of the horror movie, but the truth was we've had the flu for the last week or so. Everyone in the family coming down with it one after the other.....dropping like flies. My poor husband had to take care of everyone and now he is starting to feel ill. It came on too quickly to get a flu shot, let's hope there isn't more than one strain of flu going around and now we are done!

Just before I went down ☺, I was given an award. Bebe of Peaches~And~Dreams gave me an art blog award,.....thank you Bebe!, it was very sweet of you to think of me. And if you enjoy art, or enjoy creating it, consider the award passed along to you.

.....and speaking of art. This coming weekend is very exciting! Lana and I have a new selling blog that will make its debut. If you are on my emailing list, I'll be sending a newsletter out on Friday with some "teaser" photos attached. In the meantime, I have one more portrait to finish!

Now that my head isn't spinning more than it normally does, I'll be able to see my computer screen and visit everyone's blogs...I have a LOT of catching up to do!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Time for an Update

Tomorrow is the 15th, can you believe it? And later tonight there will be an update of new offerings on The Primitive Gathering. Since I've been busy painting so many silhouettes ....I'm kind of on a roll. I painted two silhouettes for the website update this month.


Winter Collage~

Please follow this link to my webpage:

(just refresh the page later this evening, if you still see pumpkin portraits)
and when you are there, please be sure to visit all of the wonderful offering from the many talented artists.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Poor Little Pumpkins, and some Bangle Wear

A Weather Update:

.....and yet an evening weather update:

I take it back, (see update below) IS sticking!

Since I posted about our overnight freeze, guess what? We are having snow this afternoon!
It isn't sticking, because we did warm up to around 60 today. The flakes are big and fluffy, but there are quite a few. Here are some photos from our front steps...that's as far as I wanted to go!

The temperature dropped drastically this week. We were having nice 70-something weather and then crash!....and unexpected overnight freeze! And the poor little pumpkins didn't like it one bit.
I'm not sure what we could have done to protect them. Everyone would have had to give up their bed sheets, and I'm still not sure I would have had enough to cover them. Plus, it was "unexpected" by the local weathermen. So, there wasn't much of a warning.

On a very small scale, we feel like farmers who have lost their crop!

Since we have never grown pumpkins before, I don't know if the semi-orangey pumpkins will continue to turn, or if we will lose the patch. If you have any suggestions, please let us know!
In the meantime, I'll try to do a little internet research.


The latest fashion in Bangle-wear:

On a happier note, I've had my first ever wholesale order! Now, for those of you who offer wholesale, this may not sound very exciting....I'm still putting together the order and it is a lot of work! But, I'm VERY honored that they contacted me and thought my silhouettes would be complementary to their museum shop.

I guess I should try and paint a silhouette of Andrew Jackson?

Have a great weekend!

Monday, October 6, 2008

An Award and a Pumpkin Update~

After the week I had, I don't really deserve an award, but sweet Jacquelynne gave me one anyway!

Thanks so much for thinking of me! Now I need to pass it along to blogs I think are "kreativ":

1. Artful Creations

2. Village Folk Art

3. Donna's Art

4. Tadpoles and Teacups

There are so many talented people in blogland, those who enjoy all types of art; sculpture, writings, paintings, sewing, music, mixed media. Each uses their talents and preferred medium.
What I find "kreativ", ok, the English minor in me really has to spell it correctly.
What I find "creative" about each of these ladies is that they can pick up a paint brush, dip it in paint, apply it to a surface and each will create something beautiful, yet completely different from one another, but unique to them. With every art form, we each have our own distinct style, yet may use the same mediums. For me, that is what makes "kreating" so fun......oh! "creating"!

An update on the pumpkin patch progress~

We had lots of rain this weekend, and I snapped a few photos in between rain clouds. Some of the larger pumpkins are turning orange ever so slightly.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Tagging the Blues

I've felt a little more "off" than usual this week, (my poor family!), and as you read through the tag you'll understand why. But to bring myself back out of the "blues", I just have to read Cathy's blog. Her humor makes me smile and because I was running a little slower this week, she caught and tagged me.

Here are the rules: I have to answer the following questions with one word answers...yeah, right! Sorry, I'm not very quiet even when I want to be (see #22), and I really blew it on # 8!

1. Where is your cell phone? Don’t own one

2. Where is your significant other? Work

3. Your hair color? Ummmmm, mousey brown (with “some” gray) unless I have it highlighted (Ok, I can’t answer in just one word!)

4. Your mother? “A-broad” (hahaha, I’m cracking myself up, but seriously, she and my dad are in Lima, Peru until March)

5. Your father? With “abroad”

6. Your favorite thing? Painting….oh, wait, Family ☺…can I have 2?

7. Your dream last night? Don’t remember dreaming

8. Your dream/goal? Living it, “….when I heard that there were artists, I wished I could some time be one. If I could only make a rose bloom on paper, I thought I should be happy! seemed to me that I should be willing to spend years in trying.”
Lucy Larcom, A New England Girlhood, 1889

9. The room you're in? Family room

10. Your hobby? Painting

11. Your fear? I’ve become more “fearless” as I’ve gotten older

12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? With my family

13. Where were you last night? Home

14. What you're not? Good at Math

15. One of your wish-list items? A “studio”/ shed….I’m not picky, I’ll create anywhere

16. Where you grew up? Everywhere, USA ….my dad worked for the federal government and we moved around a lot.

17. The last thing you did? Painted

18. What are you wearing? Sweats

19. Your TV? Off right now, but just finished watching “Life with Father”, and oldie I checked out from the library.

20. Your pet? Roscoe, an almost 10 yr. old min schnauzer slumbering at my feet.

21. Your computer? Old….see keyboard pic. This was my husband’s laptop for his doctoral studies, but I’ve used it so much the letters have rubbed off.

22. Your mood? Quiet, solemn….probably due to PMS! (can’t believe I just typed that!)

23. Missing someone? Nope, don’t mind being alone right now (see 22)

24. Your car? Old and completely paid off.

25. Something you're not wearing? Shoes

26. Favorite store? Thrift

27. Your summer? Not long enough

28. Love someone? Husband/Children

29. Your favorite color? White (a blank canvas)

30. When is the last time you laughed? Today (see 22)

31. Last time you cried? Today (see 22)

Now I'm tagging 3 people ('cause Cathy did) and if they want to play along, it would really help with my "blues"! pressure though. Patti, Jacquelynne, Lana