Monday, May 14, 2007

A Cottage Addition

"Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it."
Henry David Thoreau 1817-1862
Well, that was the case these past two weeks for my husband and son. We had wanted a lean-to for garden tools, and had priced them at home improvement stores and decided it would be less expensive to try and build one. My husband is great with tools, builds wonderful pieces of furniture and always starts those pieces with an idea, then a drawing, and then dimensions.

The lean-to would be his first "construction" project. So, he bought a book that had a design he liked in it. Bought his supplies and started the project.

Building is sort of like sewing...not really, but it's the best analogy I could come up with this morning. Have you ever purchased a pattern, and just loved it and had to make it. You buy your material and notions. You lay out your pattern and start cutting. As you are reading each step and following the instructions, you look at the dress and have this panic attack because they skipped a step and now the collar of your dress is on your sleeve....well, ok, maybe it's not that bad. But, just imagine this scenario with large lumber instead of thread.

My poor builders (Ethan was "helping"), had this problem several times throughout their construction project. They had to rewrite the instructions, take apart already built doors, redo the roof line and of course make several trips to the hardware store.

But, the finished project is beautiful, VERY sturdy, and looks as if it is an addition to our little cottage. (In the photo at right, it still needs a little trim painted...but you get the idea). And it isn't even summer vacation yet.....perhaps I can talk him into building me a crafting/painting shed???


the Feathered Nest said...

Wow Suzanne, he did a fantastic job! It looks like it belongs there, not like it was "tacked" on. I definately would be thinking up some more projects for him!


Wendy said...

Very Very Nice Suzanne! They did a really nice job. Don't let him stop now !


Lana said...

Suzanne, Jeff (and Ethan) have done a terrific job! I can see a new artist studio in your future!


Lorraine said...

He always was a builder. It's lovely. I'd like one, please.

PAT said...

A very admirable first construction project. It looks great!! Yes, I think more projects should be in his future!

Back Porch Musings

Anonymous said...

What a great job. I love the
lean to. If you ever travel
East again, can he please pack


rosemary said...

I think you should aim a little higher...ask for a craft room/addition.

Southern Heart said...

Suzanne, he did so well on his project! We have been pricing the same things (so that we can turn our utility area into a sitting area off the bedroom). I'm going to show M what a beautiful job your DH did on yours.


Suzanne said...

Thanks everyone...I think Jeff was pleased after all was said and done...I certainly love it!!

I'll tell him you all voted for him to start on a craft/painting shed!