Tuesday, September 22, 2009

American Folk Art

Who says kids don't share? My husband teaches music at a local high school where someone was kind enough to share their flu-like germs. He came home on Friday feeling that "post-nasal drip" thing happening. Of course, the school year doesn't seem to start until he brings home some icky sickness! And this one was really icky! :) And it's ickiness is running it's course through all of us here at home.

Before we caught the bug, I painted a pumpkin silhouette on wood for American Folk Art's Fall update. The theme is "Pumpkin Patches", and I used my original pumpkin patch design that I painted for Fall last year for this plaque.

You can view the updated website at noon (EST) today here:

American Folk Art

~Happy Fall!~

Monday, September 14, 2009

A Weekend of Art

This weekend was Boise, Idaho's 55th Annual Art in the Park. We've lived in Boise for four years and have never made it downtown to stroll through the art fair. On Friday, my husband and I slipped away for about two hours to head downtown to the event. It was a beautiful weekend for the art show, but we are still in the 90's!

(I took a few photos, but not any close ups of booths.....I didn't see anyone else with a camera, and wasn't sure if they were allowed. Didn't want to get kicked out on our first visit!)

There were rows and rows of booths filled with fine art, pop art, wire sculptures, jewelry, yard art, leather goods, wood carvings....and lots more!

Oh, and of course, LOTS of food!

There was even some strolling entertainment. This musician was a one man band...he strummed the guitar and jumped up and down to make his cymbals clang. I snapped a photo from behind to show his feathered wings he had attached to his instrument!??

Next year, I think we will hope for cooler weather, and make plans to stay a little longer....and maybe I'll ask if cameras are allowed so I can take some close-ups! :)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

I'm So Honored!

In July I found out that I was selected for Early American Life's 2009 Holiday Directory of Traditional American Crafts. I submitted original painted silhouettes with an Early American Christmas theme for consideration by the judges. So I was so pleased to be chosen for this honor and to be included among the names of so many extremely talented artisans.....I'm a little star struck reading through the artisan's list. There are so many artist listed that I've admired for years.

And this week a packet came from Early American Life and was filled with all sorts of goodies!
They sent complimentary copies of the issue, counter cards, and hang tags to add to artwork I send to customers.

If you aren't familiar with the publication, Early American Life, here is a link to their website. You can search for shops that sell the publication in your area, or subscribe online there too.

Thanks to my in-laws, I've been a subscriber for several years. They give me a subscription for Christmas each year, and now I'm thrilled to be in the Holiday Directory!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

TDIPT's Funniest Pet Contest~

TDIPT is having a funniest pet contest,..... there are so many cute pets! You have to go peek, they are ALL sure to make you smile! :)
And, if you can decide on which critter cutey you think is the funniest, please vote!

If you've visited my blog before, you may recognize a photo of one of our family members, :)

Here is a link to all the fun:

TDIPT's Funniest Pet Contest