Thursday, May 3, 2007

"My Morning Off"

On Thursday mornings, my boys attend a special "help" class which is actually a "help" for this home schooling Mom! I usually have about 1 hour and 15 minutes to run errands while they are in class, and I usually run over to Michaels to pick up art's close by. But, I didn't really need any supplies. Although I have some self-imposed deadlines for finishing and starting portraits, I thought I would run into TJ Maxx, "just to look"!
I had literally "run" through this store a few Thursdays earlier after a Michael's errand and thought it would be nice to take a little more time to browse, because it is a HUGE store!
Well, it's a good thing I don't get out much!!! I had to make some quick decisions because of the time frame and I guess I didn't realize how much I missed seeing home accessories.

Before we moved, I worked part-time at a home accessories/furniture shop where the owner was kind enough to let me sell my creations. I loved decorating with ALL the goodies that would come into the store. Ahhhhhhh.....~****~......~****~.......
*Dream Sequence*

Anyway, back to TJ Maxx.....the last time I was there, I only had time to browse through all the lotions. But today, I went straight to the home accessories and found this perfect little pear. Oh, there were LOTS of other goodies, but I needed this sweet pear for my desk!

I walked out into the aisle, pear in hand, and saw the linen section of the store!! Last years, "spring/summer" quilt has seen too many washings and, well, I found this sweet quilt!...on Sale!!

I then saw a lady looking through large hanging rugs, thinking......., "that would be nice, since we put our wood floor in last year, we haven't had a new rug for it, just the old one, hmmmmm????"
So, I went over to look and actually found a salesperson to help me take down this rug I brought home!
Because theses purchases were quick decisions, I was prepared to not like them when I got home, but,...... I think I might just keep them!....and next Thursday, I think it might be safer to run my errand to Michael's!


Lana said...

Suzanne, I love all of your new purchases! I think they'd look lovely in my home if you get tired of them (wink, wink!)

The Feathered Nest said...

Hi Suzanne, yes, best to just go straight to Michaels (don't even look at TJMaxx)LOL! It is a great place, full of all sorts of fun items. Although I went in this week and walked out without anything! I was very proud of myself. You got some really nice things there. I love that rug!


Lorraine said...

Excellent purchases!

Suzanne said...

Thanks ladies~

Good for you Manuela, that would be hard to do!

I'm really happy with them early Mother's Day gift to myself! :)


Rhoda said...

Suzanne, I love TJM!! I have found so many great things there, including my familyroom rug and a pretty green pear similar to yours. I just love pears & can't pass them up when I see a nice one like that. Your stash is great!

Southern Hospitality

Tweetums said...

I understand. We have a really good Ross here in Aberdeen, that I try with all my might to stay away from......but alas without much luck! =)

Anonymous said...

Suzanne, it seems a bit unfair for one person to be talented in so many areas. However, I can't think of a lovelier person for whom that should happen. Your gifts of painting and writing inspire me, so keep them coming. Love, Aunt Bettye