Monday, February 28, 2011

Benny, Bea, Birthday and Clover

It is update time on To Dwell in Primitive Thymes.....and it is also TDIPT's 4th Birthday!

(thanks to Jan of Big Brown Dog Primitives for the cute banner she made for the celebration)

So, with the celebration comes a chance to enter a give away....Please follow the link to learn more and sign up!

For my offerings this month, I've painted more bunnies...but in silhouette this time.

Please meet Benny and Bea. They are painted in acrylic on deep canvas that measures 8 X 10 X 1. I've painted some simple scroll work on the front of the painting and all around the sides.

My second offering is a Shamrock bouquet painted in silhouette on watercolor paper. Last year, a customer requested a custom shamrock painting....and this is similar to what I painted for her. This one measures 6 1/2 X 6 1/2 and is painted in time to display for St. Patrick's Day!

Here is a link to my TDIPT page to peek at Benny, Bea and the clover:

Happy March!....can you believe it? Does it mean that spring is on it's way? :)
(last week we had snow AND this week more is predicted....I'm not sure spring knows it is supposed to show up this month, lol!)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Survey Says......

Thank you all (including my email list) who stopped by to enter the "Blog Guilt" giveaway.

Here are the two names drawn that were drawn:

~Bettye H.

~Lisa A.

I've contacted you both via email, so please look for your gifts in the mail soon!


Now, I have ONE more favor to ask. :-) ......

Notice the survey on my sidebar? (to the right of your screen.) Would you please tell me how you enjoy decorating your home?

Sometimes I feel like I'm all over the map with my decorating style. I love certain things from each category...... you may be the same way, and I'd appreciate knowing that in the comment section. Guess I just tend to fill my home with things I love, including people. :)

And, if I haven't listed a style you just 'couldn't live without'...please let me know about that too! "Shabby Teenager" is probably what style you'd think of if you walked into my home! :)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Blog Guilt Giveaway!

(Mr. Cabbage Roll was sold on the 1st of the month update on TDIPT......see how behind I am!?) If you would like to see some new items, please visit my website and click "Early Works" link at the top of the page:

Pear Tree Primitives


Hi! It's been awhile...and yes, I have "blog guilt". That refrigerator door in the post below has been open for too long...imagine my electric bill! :) Have you memorized the entire contents inside it yet? lol! :)

But, instead of listing all that has been going on for the past month and a half, I'll appease my guilt with a giveaway.
And, if you really want to know what has been going on...we can "chat" in the comment section.

Now this is just a quick and hopefully easy and fun, "no-pressure" giveaway. If you stop by and want to comment, I'd love to reconnect with you. If you are clicking through blogs and just happen to find this one and want to comment, great...I would love to meet you.

One of the painted gifts for the giveaway. A painted pear on wood.

And at the end of the week (Feb. 19th) I'll draw two names from those who commented and wrote something like: "Hi", or "How have you been?", or "Hey, stop by my blog, Suzanne...there is something I'd like for you to see." Easy, No pressure......I don't need the added guilt! :)

The second giveaway gift. Napolean Bunnyparte, painted in silhouette last year..... could be cute for spring.

The giveaway gifts aren't fancy, ("vintage" 2010 paintings, lol!)....just a simple way to reconnect with friends. So, if only a few blogging friends comment, that's fine, it will be a small, intimate gathering! (I'm also going to send an invite to my email list since I've been neglecting them as well.)

Oh, if you do comment, please leave a link or email so I can contact you if your name is drawn.

Thanks for playing along, and for "hanging in there" if you've visited during my absence!

And Happy Valentine's Day!