Thursday, March 31, 2011

Good Golly Miss Molly

We have a new family member! (no, definitely NOT that!).....we have a new puppy!

I honestly wasn't thinking about another dog after losing our Roscoe last summer.....but, my son's therapist has a dog that had puppies. Of course my son came home desperately wanting to buy a puppy......and that got us to thinking, "well...maybe...we'll see", we said.

We did NOT buy a puppy from the therapist, but instead, we looked online one day last week, and there was Molly! She is a chocolate brown one year old miniature schnauzer. She has been to obedience school (but I think she has forgotten a lot of what she's learned!).

She is house trained and does a few commands.....and of course, she is adorable. So, we sent in our application to our local Humane Society, and we learned that there were five other families hoping to adopt her. We went to meet her and then "interview" for her (I've never had to interview for a pet before!)...and I'm glad we did, because the next day we got the call that Molly was ours!

So, please meet Molly! I tried to get a few photos of her, but she doesn't sit still long enough.....most of the photos are a big brown blur!


Oh, and it is the first of the month....update day! I just had time to make one offering.
A bee skep painting~ Me on TDIPT

I was busy partly because of Molly (she is very active), and partly because Lana and I have an update surprise in the works...coming soon!

Happy April~


KittyWampus said...

Molly is ADORABLE!!! Welcome, welcome!!! Enjoy!

Patti said...

Oh Suzanne! I am so thrilled that Molly has joined your family! What a lucky dear she is! And now you aren't the only female in the house ;) Wishing you years of happiness with Molly!

Love your bee skep, as always!

Blessings, Patti

Molly Alyssum said...

Oh man..... not another dog named Molly. When will it ever end? :) She's a cutie!!!

...Miss...Maddie's... said...

Welcome to Miss Molly... a perfect asdition.
Love the bee skep too. Hope you're enjoying Spring.
Susan x

lilabraga said...

Molly is soooooooo gorgeous!
love your blog!

Caitlin said...

Piper is very happy to
welcome another hound to
the family!

Dame Judi said...

Miss Molly is beautiful! I'm so happy for the five of you. Looking forward to meeting our new grand-dog.

Ruth Welter said...

Hi Suzanne, congratulations to your family on adopting MOlly, she is adorable. I know you will all get along great and she is so lucky to have your house and family as her home.

Wonderful, I always think shelters should do interviews, that is the only correcty way to do it. I'm glad they took the time to find her the best home. : )

Enjoy your new family member.


Jacquelynne said...

Here's wishing you many happy healthy years with Molly:). I'm sure the boys will enjoy having her around.

Sarah said...

We have a Schnauzer. Absolutely the smartest dog we have ever had. And also the most independent dog we have ever had. You will love having one! And sometimes wonder just who is the boss.