Sunday, April 3, 2011

Something Old- Something New

(the "Before" of the front of our home with the "new" posts in place)

We live in a 'Colonial Cottage' least that is what I call it. The major and minor remodeling we've done on the house over the last five years has made our little abode live-able and has also given it some 'character'.

(My husband and friend working on the porch.....Woohoo!, it is really happening!!)

(Just needs some stain and paint...oh, and that last board attached on the end!)

The past few weekends, my husband and a friend of ours have been building a porch to our cottage. It is turning out to be so cute...(as if I had any doubt about their abilities! :)
This entrance to our home has quite a "history", you can read about that here:

It is SO nice to finally be able to walk into the house on sturdy steps, and have the added bonus of a cute "Colonial Cottage" porch to sit on.


Next, we need to stain the porch deck and paint the posts.....then, maybe a cute railing will be added?, but I won't "push it"! :)


Something New....Lana (Honeysuckle Lane/ Simple Joys Paperie) and I have combined our names and our "alter-egoes" - and a mutual love for the cottage-style - and have opened a new little website called "Mavis and Mavis."

You can see our offerings and read more about it here:

Mavis and Mavis ( a "play" on our last names: Lana Manis and Suzanne Davis....all the letters are in there somewhere!) These updates will happen periodically....sometimes seasonally and sometimes for holidays.

NOTE: I AM still painting/creating "paintings of the past", aka: 18th/19th century style art....'cause I LOVE it, but this is just a fun "lighter side" of vintage-y art for me.

Here is a peek at Lana's neat idea....she used vintage book covers as backing for her beautiful watercolors~ Clever girl!

(Lana's work on Mavis and Mavis)


Something I painted for Mavis and Mavis

~"French Country"~

(shabby table, old barn board and a blue enamel pitcher)


And another bit of news....I received a letter from Early American Life publication saying that I have been chosen to be in the 2011 Artisan's Directory! Thank you EAL! I'm honored and excited to be included!

Of course, I did receive this letter on April 1st (April Fool's Day!), so I'm hoping the honor is "for realz" ! :)

Here is a link to EAL if you aren't familiar with the publication. There is also info on subscriptions. I highly recommend this magazine if you are an early American lover of history/ art/ gardening/ cooking/ crafts/ and "everyday life" of the past.

Early American Life

And the painting of a little person on my the red dress wearing an apron...
do you see it? :)
That is one of the paintings I entered as my submission to the EAL directory this year.


We are hoping for nicer weather to stain the new porch deck this week.....but it looks like a wet and rainy one. :(.....guess it must be spring! Have a great week.


Angela (Cottage Magpie) said...

Oh, the new porch looks wonderful! It's so inspiring to see your project getting done. Yay for you!

oil painting lessons said...

I like your blog!...Daniel

Tina Eudora said...

What a wonderful change that made! Isn't it great when a vision falls into place? I know you will be enjoying that porch this summer!
Tina xo

Lana said...

LOVE the porch Suzanne!
Congratulations on
the EAL inclusion,
acquiring a new family member,
thanks for being 1/2 of Mavis and Mavis! :)

Cassie SHella said...

Love your new front porch! It feels so good when a project is complete:) And Mavis and Mavis is fabulous - congrats on such a great new venture. Molly is adorable too, she looks like she could easily have you all wrapped around her paws:)

June said...

Oh congratulations on being included in EAL's directory Suzanne! I'm so happy for you.
And I love how you and Lana came up with the name for your new site. That is so clever. No having to decide which name to put first!

I love your new porch! It will be such wonderful place to welcome friends over. We use our front porch almost more than any room in the house during the warm months. I know you will love this! You will definitely be able to use it before I will mine. It looks like you have had a few nice days so far.
I want to wish you a wonderful week in your corner of the world.
hugs from here...

Dame Judi said...

Three cheers - maybe even more - for your menfolk. What a fine porch. Y'all should be quite proud indeed.

Julia said...

Porches are such good things! My brother did a nice job, of course and his friend.

Ruth Welter said...

Loving your porch Suzanne..At least the weather has finally turned nice so we can all get outside and work.

Also love your roses in the metal pitcher, just beautiful. Hope Miss Molly is doing well and enjoying her new home.

Congrats on being included in the directory, hope it will send some good business your way.