Monday, March 21, 2011

Robins, Worms and Bulbs

When a robin cocks his head
Sideways in a flower bed,
Does he hear the tiny sound
Of a worm beneath the ground?

This little bird sat still outside our back patio yesterday morning. He was quietly listening (you could tell!) for a snack to appear. In one photo, if you enlarge and look closely, you can see him pulling the worm from the ground.......awwww Spring!

(hmmmmm, our backyard grass is a lot greener than our front yard grass!)

Although the weather is a little damp, it has warmed up a bit and after a shower of sleet on Saturday, my husband and I went to the local nursery to "feed our weary winter souls".

We found a few plants that may or may not bloom, or even survive....they were in the "reduced" bin. But we are always up for a challenge! (...and I did save the receipt, just in case!)

We also bought several packages of bulbs, and hopefully in a few weeks our yard will have some new and beautiful colors.

Happy Spring! I hope you are able to do something "spring-like" to welcome the new season.


...Miss...Maddie's... said...

I see Spring has beckoned at your back door too.
Happy Spring!
Susan x

June said...

Hi Suzanne,
I think Spring may be springing for you! I still have a ways to go here, but soon it will come here as well.
I would give anything to plant a few things right now.
I hope you have a lovely week there in your area.
sending hugs

Julia said...

I woke to a Robin singing this morning. I do love them.
Saturday, I finally got a bag of 50 daffodil bulbs in that mom gave me in October. O well...

......Thimblefolk.......Barb McNamara said...

Hi Suzanne,
Thanks for stopping by.

The robin is singing but no spring here yet. More snow today.

Happy planting!!

Ruth Welter said...

Happy Spring to you Suzanne. I hope your new plants do well. If anyone can nurse them back to health, I'm betting you can.

Spring sprung here and then went away again. LOL I think toward then end of the week it is supposed to finally get warmer here in NY. I'm so done with winter and the cold.


Lana said...

I love to see Robins in our yard!
Have fun planting (now) and watching your flowers bloom (later)!