Thursday, June 24, 2010

What's Happening on the Kitchen Table?

Since I don't have a "studio", I can't really title this post "What's Happening in the Studio?" So....just for fun, here is what mess I have happening on our kitchen table! :)

I've pulled out the oils...not sure if they are my favorite medium yet, but I'm determined to figure out what surface, consistency, and mediums work best for me. I've opened all the windows to ventilate and take frequent breaks outside! The fumes are fairly strong even though I've purchased Oderless Mineral Spirits to clean and Liquen as a medium to help quickly dry the oils. I've read about Galkyd as a medium, which may be my next purchase.

So far, I've tried Claybord, and I'm about to paint on Gessobord. Next, I think I'll work on the "tried and true" canvas.

(still working on the lace below the bowl)

On the Claybord, I drew out a simple Folk Art design of a yellowware bowl full of strawberries. For this one, I didn't do an "underpainting", I just painted oils directly onto the surface. The oils sort of sit on the Claybord, but adhere and dry overnight. It is hard to get detail, at least for me, on it. I may use it for a watercolor painting next.

I did end up drawing individual hydrangea petals and then I transferred that drawing to Gessobord.

(the hydrangea underpainting in I'll paint oils on top)

For this one, I did paint an acrylic underpainting, which just means I painted acrylic first before I paint the oils on top. I know this technique isn't recommended if you want "museum quality" results.....but I figure I need all the help I can get! So, we'll see if this works better and the oils don't "float" away on the Gessobord.

Do you have any oil painting tips for me? Have you ever tried Claybord? I'm actually looking forward to trying watercolor on it and maybe etching a lace design!


Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Suzanne,
Oh, loving what I see.
In my opinion the best and only oils to use are Chroma, Archival Oils. Their range are Odourless!

I also prefer to underpaint in Acrylic then glaze over in Oils.

I have painted large petal flowers using only oils on canvas.
Looks fantastic!
Looking forward to hearing and seeing more of your pieces.

Suzanne said...

Thank you Anna! I will look for those oil paints. The ones I'm using now are giving me a headache! Or maybe it's just me getting frustrated with oils? :)

Dame Judi said...

Your hydrangeas are lovely. I can hardly wait to see the final product! Can it be more beautiful that this?

Julia said...

I like your bowl of strawberries! I did oils once. A friend to me to a class with her. I gave the teacher fits, as I had a tendency to soften my 'lines' too much. Don't know how many times she made me do my clouds over. The picture has hung in the home. It now resides somewhere in the attic.
Blessings to you and your oils!

Cassie Shella said...

I love the fact that someone elses table looks like mine! (Except mine is my dining room table and not the kitchen) Your paintings look great, I don't know much about oil painting but your strawberries look very pretty! And I am mailing your coffee cozy tomorrow morning...

Manuela@TPOH said...

No tips from me! My daughter preferes water colors. I thought for sure you had a studio space in your home? That's how my dining room table looks when I'm in the middle of a project!


Suzanne said...

Hi Suzanne,
Your studio is exactly the same as mine ;)
The strawberry bowl is gorgeous!
And the hydrangea is really beautiful

I have never used claybord bacause
it isn't available in the Netherlands

For very detailed work, I use MDF 6mm (1 / 4 inch) my husband buys a large plate in the hardware store.
And sawed it into pieces of appropriate sizes
Then I add 2 or 3 layers of Gesso and after sanding with fine sandpaper

I do the under painting in acrylic or watercolor or very thin oil.

Love your art!

Wish you a wonderful week,

cribs said...

How did you do that? From a single plain pencil drawing to a very colorful and amazing painting. That is unbelievable. I wish that I can also do what you can do.

Ruth Welter said...

Hi Suzanne, your kitchen table is a busy the strawberries and hydrangeas. There is so much fun stuff to paint, surface to paint it on and mediums to paint with that it is hard to narrow down. For me, I love acrylics on canvas...seems to be what I'm sticking with these days.


Julie said...

Hi Suzanne, I know I am not going to be any help to you this department. I am just enjoying your WONDERFUL work table and all the BEAUTIES that are created there.

Kiki said...

Hello, I enjoyed your post very much..beautiful painting..super lovely! I have never heard of clayboard before...that might be neat to try! It is always fun meeting other creative souls and learn new things! I love oils but have always found it too hard to breathe so i use acrylics. Gorgeous art..lovely blog..wonderful spirit to your creations! Happy Creating!

Kiki, Heart of a Wizardess