Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Fitzgeralds

It is the first of the month (well, the last day of June)...update day for me. So I had to drop the oil painting...well, not"literally", but I did stop to let the painting dry and now it will be ready for another layer.
And I got out the watercolors and painted some offerings for TDIPT and EWM.

(Freddie Fitzgerald on TDIPT)

While we are on the subject of watercolors, lol....I have to say that I do enjoy painting with them. They are easy to put away or take out because they come in those small little tubes (or pans, if you use those), they are not too messy, and they don't have a really harsh odor. But, I will go back to the oils to learn some more....who knows? I may start to enjoy painting with them too??

Frannie Fitzgerald in her embellished frame

Pear Tree on TDIPT

For TDIPT (To Dwell in Primitive Thymes), I painted a couple in profile. Please meet Freddie and Frannie, two nature lovers who fell in love and now run a garden party event planning business....they are quite the entrepreneurs from the 19th century!


And for EWM (Early Work Mercantile), I've painted two silhouettes....both inspired by unknown artist of the 19th century.

Out for a Stroll
(little girl with her dolly)

Tatting Tales
(young woman with tatting shuttle and other sewing items)

Please stop by and be sure to visit all the artist's pages on both sites. Here are the links to each site:


Dame Judi said...

Charming, charming, charming!
Each and every one of them.

The Fitzgeralds are a delightful couple (love their career choice). The little child with her grand lady doll, quite inspired. And the tatting lady I envy. Never could get the hang of that needle craft, alas.

Alyssum... said...

Oh Auntie Suzanne, you are just so clever. I miss you. Please do come visit soon. Bring your husband and your boys- we like them, too.

Julia said...

They are a most lovely couple!
I'm with Molly, come for a visit and bring the menfolk!!