Monday, June 21, 2010

Eye Spy

I spy with my little eye........

My son loves I Spy books, even now that he is a little older he still enjoys them. Truth be told, I love them too! We will sit and look for objects in the puzzles over and over again until we practically memorize each one. But when you return to them months later, it is like a new puzzle! (or at least we try to pretend)

They even have an "I Spy" game for game systems...and we can get pretty wrapped up in that one too! :)

When we moved into our home about five years ago, we started remodeling. That meant inside and out! The yard has been redesigned and gardens have been started and planted and in the process dirt has been disturbed after many years of neglect. Hidden in the dirt have been little surprises....sort of like the "I Spy" game!

After awhile, we had collected so many of these "found" objects that my husband started an "I Spy" cup. That cup grew into a small jar, that is now in a larger jar and soon will need an even larger one!

The family "I Spy" collection game has spread to collecting on evening walks as well.
Some things that have been found are really neat........and some things should have been left where they were buried! :)

I think a family with boys must have lived here before us, because we've found an "army" of Army men that have lost a few battles with the lawnmower.

An old metal truck that's been "aged" with dirt!

Car bits and pieces- most were found on walks.

Let me out! Let me out! (one of the things that should have stayed buried!)

There is still lots of remodeling to be done....inside and out, so I'm sure before long we will need to start on a larger jar!

I've started working on the summer list of things to try. This "might" be done in oils, we'll see how frustrated I get! And, just for the record.....individual hydrangea petals are hard to draw!! :) I may have to go with an "impressionism" vs. "realism" approach to this painting.

Happy "I Spy" Hunting! :)


OldeTimeDolls said...

Great idea to have an eye spy jar!

Dame Judi said...

What an amazing collection you have amassed. What a great idea..the history that keeps revealing itself.

Jacquelynne said...

I wouldn't have thought of keeping all of your treasures in an I Spy jar. (Actually, it kind of looks like the bottom of my purse....)

Lana of Honeysuckle Lane said...

LOVE the jar Suzanne ~ he had a great idea! :)
Your painting will look lovely. Keep me updated, please! Hydrangea blooms ARE hard even though their individual petal shapes are simple. I made one of wool felt several years ago and it took forever to cut out all the little petals!

Laura Frantz said...

Suzanne, Looks like your summer is off to a wonderful start. A great post and tribute to some fine books:) My boys are big fans of the I Spy books and we have a few. I'm even intrigued by their bigness and brightness and mystery. Bless you today!

Julia said...

Love it! I too have a jar of found objects I started to collect in Skykomish. I just found a car here yesterday, so the gathering continues.