Friday, March 13, 2009

"Let's Hear It For the Boy" #2

Thank you for all the sweet comments about "E" and his art. What started as therapy for him; the sculpting to keep his hands busy, and the drawing for fine motor skills, has developed into his "thing". I hope he enjoys them for years to come.


"B", our second son, also on the autism spectrum, had his 13th birthday this past June.....oh, wait, that means, uh....March, April, May, wow! In about 2 and a half months he will be 14!
Where does the time go? You can read about "B" and his 13th birthday celebration HERE.

This is "B"s favorite explains a lot!

"B" has more energy than one body can contain, or should contain! I sometimes wish I could bottle it all up and take some out when I need it for myself!
All of his energy comes in handy with his latest interest though~ Illusions. He helps and is an assistant to Jason, a young man at our church who performs as an illusionists for children's parties, conventions, and events. "B" has been sworn to secrecy on how all of the illusions work, and guards this information carefully.

(click HERE to see Jason's website)

Here "B" is performing with Jason at an event at our church. (Actually, no one is allowed to take photos during the performance, so I took photos after-the-fact.....hence, the "Posing"!)

For this illusion, "B" crawled into the round basket, and Jason stuck swords in the slots! I was a little nervous watching from my seat, but he came out all in one piece!

(When my mother sees this, she will email me about "B"s long hair, I just know it. So, let me explain, he just doesn't sit still long enough to get a haircut! So, he has been growing it out most of the year, I kinda like it. "B" also loves to play Guitar Hero, so the long hair helps with his "rock star" image!)

Hmmmm, maybe "B" will learn an illusion that will clean his room without me asking?

Have a great weekend!


bluejeanprimitives said...

Ha! Welcome to the Alien Teen phase of your life... ok.. well, you've been at this almost a year now. :) You're a pro now!

I like his longer hair! (Sorry Gramma) :)


Sarah said...

Giggle - love the hair too!!! Huge hugs to you hon!!! What wonderful boys!! I've worked with Austistic kiddos for years - a joy and a challenge! Sounds like ya have a wonderful handle on it girl!! Sarah

SweetAnnee said...

I like the longer hair.. and can't believe you shared the ONE illusion with us.
How fun!!

Doreen said...

I like the long's the in thing now ya know!

You are so very right..they are grown and gone before you know it...enjoy it while you have it!

I see you rejoined American Folk Artist..I got an email about rejoining as well..:)


Christine LeFever said...

The first I noticed was what a handsome son you have, and that I love his hair. In fact, for me, there isn't a man on earth who is handsome in those stupid, militaristic short hair cuts!

What fun!


Lana said...

Ditto on the hair ~ I like it! "B" is a very talented young man in his own right. I envy him ~ I used to want to be an assistant to an illusionist!

Jacquelynne said...

...and if you discover the illusion for a clean 14 year old's bedroom- please pass it along!!!

Julie said...

Hi Suzanne, I like the long hair too. You are truely blessed with two amazing and very talented young boys, or should I say young men.Julie

Anonymous said...

Smile! I dream about the room thing too..... Ahhh yes it would be wonderful. B is a very handsome young man and it seems he makes a wonderful assistant! My son would also adore that t-shirt. :) It is clear that you are a wonderful mom.