Monday, March 16, 2009

New Offerings and Updates~

.....and a new selling site.

It is time for The Primitive Gathering's 15th of the month update. We have some new artists on the site, so please stop by for a visit.

The Primitive Gathering

I've painted some simple spring-time offerings.....a vintage postcard style painting of Chicks in Clover, and two sets of bird's nest ornaments decorated with bird and egg paintings, and prints.


I'm rejoining the talented artists over at American-Folk-Art, and just in time for their March 16th themed update of "Lions and Lambs". ( I've just painted a lamb, I've never attempted a lion....maybe when I have more time to play.)

Here is my webpage on AFA:

(Just click on "My Gallery" around noon EST)

At the top of this post is an early peek at the "Little Lamb".....I continued with the Sepia Series I started a few paintings ago, and painted him in brown and umber tones. Everything can be seen on my website too, on Early Wares, and Watercolor Paintings.

Now, have I given you enough sites to visit on the internet to totally confuse and lose you?
Lol, you should ask my husband how much fun it is on a roadtrip when I'm giving him directions!


Anonymous said...

Oh I just love all the new things! Your work is so wonderful. I am glad that you shared all the new sites. :)

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Yes, I saw you listed at AFA.
Swing by my blog to sign up for a giveaway! :)

Sarah said...

Oh how fun is this little lamb!! Darling work hon!!!! Sarah