Friday, March 7, 2008

"Passed"...and Current Art Form of the Day

I was tagged a few weeks ago to tell 5 weird things about myself, and haven't done that yet.... (still can't believe she thinks I'd have 5 weird things to tell!)
But as I was thinking about writing this post, one weird thing did occur to me! I like to stare at textile patterns. Coverlets, quilts, dishtowels, fabric of any kind. Hmmm, she IS weird you say?!
Let me explain....Studying these patterns on fabric is like working a puzzle in my head, I look at the pattern and see how I can take it apart or cut it up (not literally) into a stencil.

I've made a few stencils this way...plaids are easy, just straight lines that overlap. But, circles are a little trickier. The coverlet pattern of the Lover's Knot is one example. I've created "my interpretation" of that design with a 4-overlay stencil. The result is seen in my banner up at the top of the page. And I've made a 3-overlay stencil design using the Overshot Weave coverlet pattern. (The top photo shows that design). And once....when I had more time to experiment with patterns, I made a floorcloth quilt:

I have a whole file of coverlets to stare at! And someday, when I'm rich!, I'd love to own this book: The Coverlet Book . These treasures of history were woven at home by women in the early part of the 19th century for bedding. By the 1820's, professionally made coverlets were becoming popular. And interestingly enough, British-trained carpet makers were immigrating to America and setting up shop to produce carpets that resembled coverlet patterns in their I guess I'm not the only one that stares at, or thinks about pattern designs in coverlets!

References: American Folk Art, William C. Ketchum © 1995
"American Quilts and Coverlets", article by Amelia Peck © 2007

~*~*~*~*~*~Update on my Pear Sticks!~*~*~*~*~*~
They are starting to bloom!! I do believe I've found an indoor plant I can keep alive! Oh wait, if they've been clipped from the tree, then technically they are already dead...right? Oh well!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Patty said... are a pattern genious! Love your banner, and nice to know how you arrived at that pattern.

Cookie said...

you know Suzanne, I'm really enjoying the daily stick updates!

It makes me believe there is hope yet for ME ♥

Miss Maddie's said...

I live in an area rich in antique coverlets.The patterns are endless and the colors so comforting.I can well understand how you can be mesmerized in their presence.
And the pear branch is perfect.Now you can try a flowering crabapple.
xo Susan

Ruth Welter said...

Hey Suzanne, those are lovely, are they Pussy Willows?? They look like it from the photo but I wasn't sure. I bought some a few years ago, at a spring market street fair in NYC, that is the only place I've ever been able to find them. I love mine, they are in my diningroom year round. : )

the feathered nest said...

Yay, your pussywillows are opening! I planted a pussywillow stick about 8 years ago and now it's big ol pussywillow tree!

Have a good weekend!


Bebe said...

Hi Suzanne ~

Coverlets are indeed very beautiful and you are not weird at all for admiring all the colorful patterns and designs! They are works of art! You are talented to be able to take something like that and do stencils with them!!

Hugs, Bebe :)

Plain-n-Simple! said...

Oh Suzanne,
Coverlets are so juicy, if they were food, they'd be a juicy delicious steak with a baked potato, and a dinner saled w/ roquefurt (sp?) dressing. Red, white and blue!!!! I LOVE them!!


CARole said...

Hi, Suzanne. I used to make floorcloths about 30 years ago, fireboards too. I love your idea of making a stencil from coverlet patterns. You did a fantastic job on your floorcloth! Looks very intricate and I am sure it must have taken a long time to make that stencil. You deserve to have that book, but the price is a whopper! I am surprised they charge $10. for shipping. When I sell a book in, I send it media mail. Very inexpensive and I think they should do that. Maybe they don't know. Happy day! Carole

Southern Heart said...

Suzanne, those are gorgeous! You always amaze me with your talent.

I loved the Spring photo, too....I'm so ready for it, aren't you?

Thanks again for your kindness and friendship.


Rachael Kinnison said...

HI Suzanne! Ohh I LOVE coverlets too! I have an 1840 summer/winter one hanging in the gallery now~ come on down and we can sit and stare at it together! So what size is your stencil you made for your banner??? I was thinking mabey to stencil the walls in here, something early & you ever SELL any stencils???? wink wink wink....
GREAT job on the lil pear twigs too........can you put some root stimulator on them and make them into trees????? I think you need more pear trees ;)

~~kattz*cottage~~ said...

Hi Suzanne!
You are so creative & always doing such interesting things! It really is amazing all the patterns you can find in old coverlets. I love the red photo!


Lorraine said...

Wow, your floor cloths look AWESOME!! Congrats on your blooming sticks:o)!!

Lana said...

Glad to see the pear branches are thriving! Those floorcloth designs are wonderful!