Monday, March 31, 2008

Is It Spring Yet?

.....well, it's back to school for us. We had a schedule-free week at home... cleaned up the yard, cut back branches, and my son even planted flower seeds in hopes of warmer weather, (hopefully those decide to come up despite the cold!). Most of the week was cold and rainy, and one day we had a light dusting of snow. was a great week to paint. (Somehow the cleaning of the garage never got done....just too least that was the excuse!).

Some of my week was spent trying something new! In the past, I've painted some large portraits for commission work....but, I've never offered one for sale. This new one is painted on a board, not canvas and measures 20 by 24 without the frame. I have a black distressed frame for her. She will be offered on TEA (The Eclectic Artisan's) Webshow on April 7th. Here is a little peek.....

On April 1st TDIPT Mercantile will be updated, so please be sure to visit.
Here are my offerings for the 1st..... a miniature portrait and a couple in silhouette.I'm off to see what everyone has been up to all week....I missed blogging!

(Edited: "The Mourning Dove" miniature oval painting measures 5 1/4 by 6 1/2, and is in a black frame with a gold painted rim.).


Doreen said...

Hello Suzanne. Glad you're back! Thanks for stopping by and saying hello.

I LOVE this painting, it's so beautiful. Definately one of my favorites :)

Hugs to you

~~kattz*cottage~~ said...

Hi Suzanne!
Sounds like you had a fun busy week! I love seeing the "peek" of your new painting - can't wait to see the rest.....I know it's just Lovely!

Enjoy your day!

michelle sylvia said...

I LOVE the little portrait of the girl with the bird!!!! How big is she??

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Talk to you soon.


Ruth Welter said...

Suzanne, I really love the silhouettes you've done...they are always a favorite..the little portrait as well.

However, I really love that large painting you did. I have always found paintings where not everything is revealed to you, to be very fascinating. It makes you think, what is around the bend, at the end of that path, through that gate or in this case, what does the rest of that lady look like, who is she...what is her story?? I love it!!

Cookie said...

you are teasing us so....
your work is simply beautiful, and as always - I'm totally smitten with it!

Missed your sweet face and wondered if you were busy grading papers or something :)

Donna said...

Hi Suzanne,
Wow, you've been busy! I really like the new painting (or part of the new painting!) that you did on wood. Can't wait to see the rest of it. I like the colors.
I like your silhouettes too!

Bluejean Primitives said...

Hi Suzanne.... you are such a tease with the painting! (but I can't wait to see the rest of it)

I needed to get out and do yardwork myself.... ummmm.... last week.

Jean :)

the feathered nest said...

Hi Suzanne, our spring break starts next week. That's very cool that you did a larger piece. I do love the miniatures though!


Lorraine said...

Suzanne, you tease:o)!! I love your other pieces, as usual..glad you enjoyed Spring Break!!

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

I love miniatures!

P.S. My kids were on Spring break at different times over the past 3 weeks--each are on diff schedules. It has been busy, and I barely finished anything. :)

Miss.Maddie's said...

What a tease, showing just a small corner of the BIG picture.
As always your other offerings are wonderful, a piece of the past reflected in such a charming setting.I'll pop over and take a peek.
Glad you enjoyed your Spring break.
xo Susan

PAT said...

Good morning, Suzanne!

I'm visiting some of my friends, this morning. I think it might take a few days to catch up, after the little getaway.

I love the little glimpse of the portrait.

Thanks so much for stopping by the back porch and your prayers, during this time in our lives!

Lana said...

Everything is just lovely Suzanne! Can't wait to see the finished framed portrait!