Friday, March 14, 2008

Announcements and other Ramblings

It's been another one of those weeks! Thanks to everyone who stopped by...I'm on my way to catch up on my blogging and see what everyone has been up to!

This week I joined an online market called Primitive Peddlers. It is a new website that was just started by Cathy Jackson of Hazelruthe's , who is not only a sweet person, but a computer whiz! She has put together a great directory of artisans who sell it's like one stop shopping!

Here is a link to the page she set up for me under "Early American":
Me on Primitive Peddlers

And here is a link to the sites home page:


Saturday, March 15th, The Primitive Gathering will be updated. I've painted a few more Hares in the ancestral lineage. Grandpa Hare and Penelope are the latest painted bunny portraits.
I've also painted a few more silhouettes. A husband and wife on oval plaques and a little girl holding up her dolly. She is at the top left of the blog.

I'm also trying to paint like a crazy person and update My Etsy Shop so please check back soon. I have a few boards base coated, and I'll paint a collection of birds on them for Spring.

......and speaking of Spring, here is an update on those "Pear Sticks"!! They are blooming!! I'm so happy I didn't have report on their demise...they are actually surviving in my house!
(we've had some rainy days, so it was a little dark when I took the photo, and I used a flash)


Ruth Welter said...

Hey Suzanne, good luck on the new site that your joined, I hope it brings you many sales. Sounds like you are painting away your days, good for you! I look forward to seeing all your new work. : )

PAT said...

Hi Suzanne

The new site sounds great! I'll check it out.

The pear blooms are beautiful.


Lana said...

Suzanne the "sticks" are so pretty ~ truly spring-like!

Cathy's site looks very professional and I can't wait to get my page on there too!

and... I'm excited to see those birds when they are finished!

Miss Maddie's said...

You're a busy girl that's for sure.
I'll take a peak at the new site.
I knew you had a green thumb!
Have a great weekend it's only five days 'till spring!
XO Susan

Cookie said...

oh my word... just look at those beautful blossoms!!!
You have a green thumb extreme, sister - wanna try your hand at a money tree? I'd love a lil slip of that once you can get me a starter :)

ShabbyInTheCity said...

They bloomed! I knew they would :)
Harriette is just lovely!

the feathered nest said...

Hi Suzanne, I'm just catching up with people myself - busy week!

Good luck on the new site! Your Etsy shop looks good - love those egg tiles you did.

Your sticks bloomed! They look so pretty!


Donna said...

Wow, I'm impressed with your page on Primitive Peddlers. Good luck to you!
The blooms on your sticks are so pretty! (I thought they were pussywillows, oops)
Have a great weekend!

Nina Mason said...

You don't know me, Suzanne, but your work is very inspiring! I'm giving you the "You Make My Day" award. To collect your award, go to my website at


Anonymous said...

Hi Suzanne! It's good to know that I am not alone! I just bought a new angel vine house plant and within two weeks I managed to kill it! So, I decided to take your lead and cut some forsythia and crab apple sticks. Hope my sticks bloom as nicely as yours! Patti

Tweetums said...

I'm so glad your pear sticks are doing so well! They're lovely. =)

Doreen said...

How neat, Pear sticks..they are beautiful.

So sorry It's been so long since I last stopped by....I've had a lot going on.

I'm looking forward to checking out the new primitive site.