Monday, October 8, 2007

My Talented Husband.....

builds and makes furniture, plays several instruments including piano and guitar, directs a church and a high school choir, cooks delicious meals, and has many other talents, but the afore-mentioned all have need of his talented hands!
This weekend he was chopping green onions for potato soup, and sliced his thumb. OUCH! He calmly called out to me saying, "I think you need to drive me to the ER."
Of course, I freaked out! He looked a little pale, not from loss of blood, but from the accident itself.
We went to the ER and he ended up needing 4 stitches on his thumb.
And in the photo (he reluctantly let me take), you can see he has a big white bandage on it. Despite his ailment he played the piano and directed the choir Sunday morning at church!

We are very grateful the damage wasn't worse, and of course, he feels silly telling people how it happened (did I mention he was reluctant to take that photo and let me blog about this?lol)... I thought I'd show you what those hands have built in our home, and why I'm grateful for them, and him!

We had to down-size when we moved a few years ago and in the process needed to sell most of our furniture. With our current home, we needed "custom-designed" furniture. Here is what he has built:

A dining room buffet, a butcher block, a hutch for the end of the kitchen counter, a wardrobe for our bedroom....and that is just some of the furniture...lots of shelves, and of course a new bathroom and outdoor shed. He also put down the wood floor, and rebuilt the kitchen cabinets and put in the laminate countertop....I'll have to show you those when the kitchen is clean! :) His next plan is to build us bookcases in the living room.....but not until his thumb has healed!

Today at 12 pm is the theme update on American Folk Art
here are 2 of my new offerings for the update:


Miss Maddie's said...

Suzanne, Your husband makes gorgeous furniture, that 2 door cupboard is WOW.You better get him one of those fish filleting gloves for the next time he cuts onions.
I adore your two new pieces.They are so sweet and finely detailed. Susan

Dana said...

Oh Suzanne! OUCH ... I'm so glad your hubby's cut wasn't worse. He is so talented, I just love the furniture and how special that you are able to have those gorgeous heirlooms created by your very own DH to bless your home!! ;o)

Love your newest work as well. :o)

Have a fabulous week!


the feathered nest said...

Poor hubby! How in the world did he still play the piano!! Your husband is one talented guy (you're a very talented couple actually)!

Hope school is going well for the kiddos!


Wendy said...

Wow Suzanne your hubby is very very talented! I love all his cabinets. Your'e soooo lucky :)

Lorraine said...

Tell my bubby I'm sorry about his boo-boo. He is such a guy. Love him and you.

PAT said...

Suzanne, so sorry to hear about the mishap!

Your husband is so talented. What gorgeous cabinetry!


Sling said...

Well done!!
I'm especially lovin' the bathroom.
Hubby is quite the craftsman.

Ruth Welter said...

Suzanne, thanks for showcasing your husbands' talents. His woodworking is absolutely fabulous. That armoir is to die for. All of the pieces are beautiful and I love what his did with the cabinet work in the bathroom. The poor guy, hurting his finger like that. I'll tell you, I think he's very brave, if I cut myself bad enough to need to go to the er, I would probably pass out or at the very least, get sick. Thanks goodness it wasn't more serious.

Cathy Nash said...

Yea! I saw these new things today on AFA. Sorry about the thumb. Your husband's woodwork is just wonderful. My husband cut off the end of his finger when I was 8 months pregnant. We met a confused ER when I drove up and he jumped out of the car and ran in while I parked!
Best to you~Cathy

Cathy said...

What gorgeous furniture pieces yourhusband makes--you better take good care of that thumb and keep him out of the kitchen--or suggest he use kitchen shears for the green onion next time! Hope this doesn't ruin the soup for you!

Cathy :)

Julia said...

Gosh darn, my brother is indeed talented! You two are a real pair. I am getting in my winter crafting mode now that the garden is waning with the season. Wish you could come for a day and really inspire me!

Suzanne said...

Thanks everyone for the well wishes for the thumb! I forgot to mention that the soup was delicious....minus a few green onions!
Filleting gloves and kitchen shears on the list for Christmas!

Lorraine said...

Owie!!! I hope hubby is doing better!! He is very talented!! Love his pieces!

Lana said...

So that's why you had to suddenly end our conversation, lol! I'm so glad he's okay and that you still enjoyed the soup!

All of the furniture is beautiful. Jeff is a great craftsman.

Do I spy one of your handpainted floorcloths under the butcher block?

Your paintings are wonderful! I am in love with the silhouettes... sigh....

Little ol* Me said...

Oh Suzanne, my what a gifted husband you have, those cabinets are absolutely gorgeous!!

Hope his thumb is feeling better and healing nicely .. Ouch! :(


FrenchGardenHouse said...

Suzanne, what a talent BOTH of you are! The furniture is beautiful, it is perfect in your home.


Blondie ~ Vintage Primitives said...

You and your hubs sound like a perfect match! Glad it wasn't any worse but four stitches are a pretty big ouch for most!