Friday, September 28, 2007

"Passed" Profilist of the Day

"Profilist" ~ sometimes used to refer to one who cuts silhouettes. We learned this in my son's Art curriculum this week. We also learned more about the talented Mr. Charles Peale in the last of this Early American Art unit.
Not only was Charles an extremely gifted painter and fathered a legacy of talented painters, he also could wield a pair of scissors! He captured sitter's likenesses not only with paint and brush, but with scissors and paper too. Here is a silhouette attributed to Charles that resides in the Library of Congress.

I haven't tried to cut a silhouette out of paper, but I have become interested in these little treasures so much that I did have to try and paint a few...I have 2 completed and several drawn and ready to paint.
One of the two I have painted will be available on the 1st of October on a website I've recently joined: TDIPT Mercantile
(so I have to wait to show you that one), but here is one I've just completed and will put in a simple black frame and offer it for sale on my website this weekend.

Speaking of weekends, I hope you have an enjoyable one.

Here are a few websites to visit to learn more about silhouettes, as well as, Charles as a profilist.


Cathy Nash said...

Hi Suzanne,
I've tried my hand at silhouette cutting--it's fun, but hard to "erase" mistakes! I think a sharp pair of scissors is a must, so these old junk drawer scissors made things a bit more difficult. Best to you~Cathy

the feathered nest said...

This is so timely! I've just recently begun being interested in silhouettes! I think I want to do one of Maxie. Thanks for the links and have a good weekend too!


Lorraine said...

One of my friends made a sillouette card for my's amazing that someone can do something like that!

PAT said...

Hi Suzanne...We had Xanti's silhouette cut, when she was about 7. In the Christmas photo of Gabi, on the latest post, you see the silhouette, sitting on the table. I love it and hope to have my other g'kiddos' silhouettes cut. Xanti's was done in person, as opposed to being done from a photo.

Thank you for Gabi's b'day wishes. She's quite a kid!

Ruth Welter said...

Suzanne, I love your silhouette, just beautiful. I have always loved them myself. Thanks for posting those links, I'm going to check them out.

Dana said...


I really love your silhouette ... you did a WONDERFUL job!!!

I remember doing on in Kindergarten for my parents. I don't know if my Mom saved it or not. They are so neat. I'd love to have one of each of my kids.

Have a great day!!!


~~kattz*cottage~~ said...

Hi Suzanne!
Love your silhouettes ~ every so often I find one to put on ebay & usually wish I had kept them! Yours are beautiful so unique because they're painted! As always, great job!


Lana said...

Suzanne, I could line my entire wall with your petite silhouettes! I love them!

CARole said...

Suzanne, I am so impressed with the silhouette you made. I love them too, but never made one. Maybe i'll give it a try when I find the time. I wrote something on my blog about silhouettes a while back, and have a wonderful one for sale in It has a piece of braided hair too. You might like to try that. Wouldn't it make a wonderful keepsake of family members, children, parents, especially! Hmm, just gave myself an idea. LOL