Friday, November 4, 2011

Fall's Favors and Flavors

Fall is a beautiful season. I think our family appreciates it even more after living in AZ for several years....not many colorful seasonal changes in the desert.
The show piece in our yard is our maple tree. I love seeing the leaves change from green to red, and yellow, then, they fall to the ground. THAT, I'm not so crazy about, the clean-up! But, when we all get outside and make it a family event of raking the leaves, it can be fun.

~So, this is what we will be raking this weekend~ (IF it doesn't snow...that is what the weather guys are saying. Snow and leaves mixed may be kind of difficult to rake).~

(I really haven't mastered the "fine art" of drizzling glaze, but this one turned out okay.)

This recipe makes 12, maybe next time I'll cut them into smaller pieces that aren't quite so big.

Last night, I really got into the "fall flavor" of things. With the "help" of our girls who provided the eggs for baking, I made some pumpkin scones. Now, I am NOT a cook, and I really haven't baked in several years. I just don't have the patience for cooking or baking, especially when your "creative endeavors" don't last for very long. Which is the point, I guess...but cooking really has never interested me. Thank goodness my husband loves it, or we would be eating a lot of take-out or pre-packaged meals!

So, I can't explain my recent culinary desire to bake, except that it sounded really good and the recipe looked easy enough for even me to have a modicum of success. And, I did!

These are SO yummy....I googled "Starbucks Pumpkin Scones" and came up with several sites. I chose this one: Pumpkin Scones, and the results have boosted my self-confidence when it comes to baking. They LOOK just as yummy as the TASTE!

("The Girls", minus one...who was a little camera-shy,
or maybe she is blending in with the color of the leaves!?)

Next on the baking list....Pumpkin Bread. I found a recipe of the same site as the Pumpkin Scones, and am just waiting for "The Girls" to lay a few more eggs so I can try it.

~Have a Beautiful Fall weekend~ and if you need a nice tea to accompany your scone or baked good this season, please check out my sister-in-law's website. She has some very nice blends.


TheCrankyCrow said...

Oh those scones look so yummy Suzanne! I LOVE baking - unfortunately, my boys aren't big sweet eaters (one out of the oven, then I eat the rest) - so I don't get to bake as often as I like. But scones (at least the ones I make) are kind of putzy in my book! Will have to check out your recipe....Love your "girls..." - perfect fall blend....Have fun raking! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Dame Judi said...

ALL these photos are extra fine. Love the leaves and the Girls. I had been wondering how they'd grown.

And scones? Wow. I'm so proud of you. They look delicious.

Your banner painting is beautiful. Very evocative and heart warming. Love it.

Happy Fall and I hope you haven't had any snow to interfere with your arobic raking.

Julia said...

I am sitting at work and now am hungry for scones! They look so yummy!
I love your new banner, it is delightful!!! How I wish I could draw!
Thanks for the plug for THT! May need to slip in a little something extra with your next order.

Anonymous said...

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June said...

Hi Suzanne,
It looks beautiful in your part of the state! Can you believe I haven't raked yet? I better get a move on because you are so right about snow and leaves not mixing.
Your scones look yummy. I am a baker at heart. Cooking meals not so much, but I LOVE to bake. I imagine your house smelled like heaven when those were in the oven.

Jessica said...

YUM! Those scones look so good! I may have to snatch that recipe and try it! Oh, your chickens are adorable by the way. :)