Saturday, July 30, 2011

Literally Creepy

Sweep, shwish, brush, swipe, dust~ Just clearing away those cobwebs from the blog!

A once a month post is not really blogging! I will get better at regular postings, it has just been a crazy, crazy, a crazy year!

Ethan (our oldest) completed high school in May, and since he's had such a rotten summer (see post below) he had his wisdom teeth removed this past month, ugh! He is planning on taking it easy this fall.

Our youngest will now be a Junior (yikes!) in high school. So, with only one home schooling this year, this blog should have regular upkeep, and "house keeping" :)


First of the month...Update time! My offerings this month on TDIPT are of a "Literary" nature, with a Halloween theme. (sounds like a recipe for creepy!).

Mrs. Peter Pumpkin Eater~ A Wall Doll

This one was a little bit of a stretch for the "Literary" theme, but if you allow some liberties, it works. :)

I had so much fun making a "Wall Doll" a few months ago, that I talked my husband into carving more bodies so I could make some more. I've even created a new page on my website to feature "Wall Dolls". (Just click HERE for my website and then, click "Wall Dolls" at the top of the page).

Mrs. P. Pumpkin Eater is fun to display (with or without her clothes on) for the Autumn season.


Edgar A. Poe portrait~ painted on 8 X 10 canvas and decorated with Victorian-style embellishments. Ed is definitely the King of Creepy Literature.


Headless Horseman Silhouette~ The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, a classic short story of creepiness was the inspiration for this painting.

To see any of these offerings for sale, just click here: (later this evening)

Thanks for visiting! Keep checking back.....I'll try to keep the blog tidy for you! :)


TheCrankyCrow said...

I love your offerings this month, Suzanne! A perfect combination - the spooky and the literary!! And I'm so happy you are doing more wall dolls - I fell in love with your last one, but, alas was too late! They are so amazing!! Love your headless horseman too! Have a great week - will be looking forward to seeing and hearing more of you! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Dame Judi said...

Your wall doll (what a cute designation) is quite the perky lady. What personality you have captured. Love her.

And Edgar..what is there to say but that he is as handsome as ever.

Your creativity never ceases to delight, amaze and make me proud.

Christine LeFever said...

You have been busy! Cute as a button, those wall dolls. Congrats to your high school grad! I never knew you home schooled. You must have mentioned it when you visited us, but I honestly don't remember. You are VERY busy!

Your literary works of art are so very clever!

Hugs from Oregon,