Monday, October 11, 2010

Signs of Fall and other Curiosities

Wow, sorry for being absent for so long. October came and is now almost halfway over! Fall finally arrived here in our part of the Northwest. The leaves of the trees are just now starting to turn and the air is a little crisper...still warm for this time of the year, but maybe that means a milder winter?!

Signs of Fall at our home~

This past week an intrepid squirrel couldn't wait for us to refill the feeder. He saw the bag of squirrel food on our back porch table and decided to help himself! He didn't even run away when I stood at the back door to take his photo!

Hey, why don't these people put food in the feeder?

Trying to open the bag with his little paws and teeth.

Diving in!

This year's pumpkin patch in the garden. Just two this for each son to carve.

Sniffle......doesn't the change of seasons always seem to bring on a cold? Ugh! We are all passing some sort of cold around, and like a hot potato no one wants it! :)

Oh, and we did put some food in the feeder AND in a pie tin. Here is one of them sitting in it!


This Friday, October 15th, Poppets, Portraits, and Playthings of the Past will update at noon (EST). That means 10 my time, so I'd better get my things ready! :)

Lana and I have a "curious" theme prepared, so please join us to see some interesting, unusual, and beautiful! offerings. (I don't want you to be too concerned though. By the word "unusual", I just mean different than our "usual", and well, a little "unique"....hopefully, it just makes you CURIOUS!).

In the meantime...please click on over to join us in a game! (I hope this works out....I've never played an "online" game of hangman before, but we'll see how it goes!).


Dame Judi said...

Fun post and photos, all except for the Hall's and Kleenex of course. Hope you are all up and running again soon.

Lovely punkin's:)

...Miss...Maddie's... said...

Your little squirrel friend is a scamp, helping himself to the bag of goodies.
I look forward to seeing your latest offerings... they are always beautiful.
Susan x

Tina Eudora said...

I love the little squirrel pictures, what a rascal he is! Have you named him yet...:)
At least you have a couple of pumpkins, mine did nothing this year, a few vines a couple of little leaves, even a flower or two then..caput, nada...
Thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving lovely comment. As I said it was much appreciated.
Have a great evening..
Tina xo

Alyssum... said...

Lovely. :) I love the squirrel! We used to have chippy the chipmunk at the cabin, remember?

June said...

Suzanne this is the cutest thing I've ever seen!!! Look at his little feet when he stands up! Did you know that we don't have squirrels here in my area. I here that the elevation is too high and that Winter is colder than they like. I am in awe of the little creatures. So thank you for the delight today!
I am so sorry that you all have been passing the cold around. I have been real careful to try not to bring anything home to Landon. He always has breakthrough seizures when he catches the cold or flu. In Aug. he caught a slight cold and wow, did he have them. He even blacked his eye when he hit the edge of the table.
I hope your boys are well and looking forward to all the coming holidays.
You were so sweet to mention me in your last post. I adore how everything turned out in your beautiful room. Today I am painting the bathroom that has needed it for a year! So I guess I had better get back to it, but it was so great to take a break and come over to your place to see what you are up to.
hugs to you from here...