Thursday, October 14, 2010

Poppets, Portraits and Playthings of the Past

UPDATE: 12 (EST): Poppets, Portraits and Playthings of the Past is now updated, and the Curiosity Shop is now open!


Lana and I have updated our Poppets, Portraits and Playthings of the Past selling blog today. Our update will feature some curiosities,....

.................trinkets, treasures, baubles, and bits.....and even some oddities!
Well, that describes my offerings...Lana could never make anything "odd"!

Charles Dickens', The Old Curiosity Shop, is our inspiration for this update. So please visit to see what we've created.

One fun trinket you'll find is a thaumatrope. This was a 19th century toy that entertained children and adults alike. Here it is in "action": (Hopefully you can see the video of the thaumatrope I've painted.....please let me know if you have any trouble viewing it.)

Thanks for visiting~ Have a wonderful weekend~


Dame Judi said...

What fun! The video is clear and brought a smile. How delightful.

Suzanne said...

What a nice movie!
It reminds me of when the children were small
We made these toys of old buttons.
Have a wonderful weekend,

Cassie Shella said...

Your Thomatroupe (sorry if I misspelled it) looks really cool. Amazing how simple things were back then - and simple in a good way. I love how your neighborhood squirrel decided to help himself to the bag of food! Great pictures. Have a Blessed week.