Tuesday, July 20, 2010


(the last of the batch....getting ready to mail.)

Still here! Just been painting, painting, painting. You know how there are certain events in life that mark a passage in time? This summer is definitely going to be called the "Summer of Silhouettes" for me.

I'm SO grateful for the orders of silhouettes, I'm not complaining at all!! But, I've had to buckle myself down and "get to painting" some 20 plus sils these past few weeks...in-between the minor interruptions of, "Mom, where is my....?", or "Honey, can you.....?", and "Mom, Come quick I'm going to defeat the .......!" (fill in whatever bad guy is on the game at the time.)

The painting is done and I'm ready to ship the last order today, now it's time to get the family ready for a road trip to visit relatives in WA. So, the blog will be bare for awhile longer while we visit. (I'm taking the month of August off from TDIPT and EWM......can't paint in a moving car...I've tried!)


A few weeks ago, (sorry Cassie!), I won this adorable coffee cozy from Cassie of Gifts for Nonnie.
Cassie is a sweet blogging friend and busy Mom to two precious girls. She is talented with her needle and makes wonderful stitcheries and works with felt too. And I'm so excited to have won her latest creation; her coffee cozy. Thank you Cassie.....I know I'll be taking it on the road with me, 'cause we will most likely be stopping for coffee during the trip....plus, there are quite a few coffee shops from ID to WA, that's just what they do here....coffee! :)
(And she made that cute hangtag too!!...it hangs on my desk lamp.)


Oh, and while I'm painting and it's sort of quiet, ....I think..... which may or may not be a good thing, lol! Over on Poppets,Portraits,and Playthings of the Past you can check out my latest "thinking while I paint" poem, :)
Don't laugh, it may be a little cheezy, but it's not easy rhyming words like planning and them!


...Miss...Maddie's... said...

Love the sils especially that one of the rooster...
Have a great trip...
Susan x

Ruth Welter said...

Hi Suzanne, well, it is no surprise to me that your silhouettes are so popular, they are gorgeous. I know what you mean, grateful for the work but if forces you to buckle down and get on a schedule, which sometimes isn't a bad thing....enjoy your successful summer.


Cassie Shella said...

Your silhouettes look wonderful! How do you keep up? Sometimes I find I am VERY tired after the girls go to bed. And thanks for posting my cozy - I'm glad you won and I'm glad you will be drinking lots of coffee on your vacation! Have a Blessed week...

Lana said...

knock, knock! are you home yet? lol! Jess is gone, you are gone, and I don't have anyone to talk to! :(

Suzanne ~ your art should be in galleries! I can also see people sending cards of your artwork to their friends and loved ones.

Looking forward to your return home... :)

Julia said...

I too love the rooster and barn! It was lovely to have you and the fam part of our very special day, to enjoy snippets of visiting, hugs from the boys, pizza and giggles at Fun Junk!