Monday, May 17, 2010


"Sale" -ebrating :

1) Two and half weeks left in the school year....then, Summer Vacation!!

2) Spring has FINALLY arrived in the Northwest! (and I really need help with my "Spring Cleaning"!)

3) Embarrassed to say, I've never had an online sale before (that's not really a celebrating-kind of-thing, more of a confession!)

4) A few weeks ago I was told I would be included in this year's Early American Life 2010 Artisan's Directory! Very exciting, but a little embarrassing, because I was so unsure of myself (confession again) that I submitted two items for consideration, and both were accepted. So, I guess I'll be in there twice which looks a little like "overkill"!

So all that to say.....Please use the link below to see all the Spring Cleaning "Sale"ebration items for sale through May 31st. There are links to my email on my website, but if you see something that interests you, you can use my email link below. And if you would like to be placed on my mailing list for future sales (I promise to have more! ), and updates, please email me!

Just give it a minute to load....for some reason it is being slow to load from my blog.
Sale through May 31st

Suzanne's Email



Doreen said...

Congratulations Suzanne!!! Early American Life!!!FANTASTIC! I know what you mean about being unsure and apprehensive about submitting your work..I had things all ready to send in..then changed my mind....

Heading over to have a look at your sale.

Hugs, Doreen

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Bring on the summer!! And congrats on the inclusion in Early American Life!