Monday, March 15, 2010

Bracing for the Future

Goodness!! This is terrible, terrible blog neglect....I should have put up a sign: "Computer is Taking a Vacation" before it went in for its mini-spa retreat two weeks ago.

It is feeling a little better now. It has a new attitude and seems zippier as well as refreshed.
(I could use a two week "spa" break!!)


Not too much to report however, other than the computer's vacation without me. I'm working on a few custom orders. One order is a larger (18X24) folk art portrait of a young man for his mom. He'll be dressed in period clothing and standing in a period setting. This has been a lot of fun, and I'm happy to be able to take my time on it. It seems as if every other art project is so rushed lately....or maybe that's because I tend to wait until the last minute before update day??! :)

The big news here is that these:

........will be coming off in three weeks!!

That is a photo of my oldest son's teeth. He is super excited about getting them off. I'm really proud of him. He's had to endure the pain of tightening wires, rubber bands, and the threat of head gear from his ortho for 2 years and 4 months. Thank goodness the teeth moved on their own and the Dr. didn't have to resort to the head gear.....that may have been traumatic for both of us!

Each month he was able to choose the color of bands for his teeth....he came up with some wild ones! But this last visit he let the dental tech decide what colors he should wear. She chose pink and green for spring! Must be payback for all the teasing he's given her over the last two years! :)

And part 2 of the news is that my younger son will be getting his on the same day the older one is getting his off. That means my car better stay in running condition for the next 2 years!! These braces are a lot like buying a car; payments every month as well as tune ups!


...Miss...Maddie's... said...

Just think of the wonderful smiles the lads will have when all is said and done...
Hope we'll be able to see that finished portrait.
Glad your back and enjoy the week.
Susan x

Doreen said... computer went on a spa retreat....mine went on permanent vacation..or should I say..moved!!!lol.........

How exciting..the braces are coming poor girl had her braces for six years..I didn't think they would ever come off...her teeth are gorgeous though :)NOW anyway.

Your portrait sounds wonderful...looking forward to seeing it :)

sending you a hug, Doreen

Alyssum... said...

Oh man I did braces for two years too. I think picking my rubber band colors was the only good part of braces. That and the straight teeth. :) You should buy him a bag of caramels to eat right after he gets them off. That's what my mom did. :)

Manuela@TPOH said...

Savanna, was so THRILLED to get those off her teeth! But she wasn't very happy when the Orthodontist told her she would have to wear a retainer for many years to come! She thought once the braces were off that would be it. The woman that does my hair is in her late 30's and comes in wearing her retainers every now and then!

I'm with you - I could use a spa retreat or at least a few days all to myself!


June said...

Oh my gosh Suzanne, I remember when my braces came off. I was so excited and couldn't wait to eat all the no-no foods again. I'm happy for one son and sad for the This too shall pass...
Thank you so for your dear message.

Julia said...

Must be something in the air with computers. Mine is at the spa as well.

Boy, am I glad we didn't have to do the braces with the girls. Blessings on your car and may you have many portraits to pay for Ben's smile!

Dame Judi said...

One of the few fair exchanges in life - braces that become beautiful smiles, something to remind happily of all those months of discomfort to both child and pocketbook!

Well done, all! And now indeed blessings on your computer, car and all major appliances. May they purr along without interruption.

Kim from The Sheep's Nest said...

Ahhh A spa retreat sounds wonderful! I love the drawing you did of the bee hives. We are venturing into bees in May when we pick up our bee with the Italian Queen, I've already named her "mama bia"! Thanks for the comments on my Easter decorations, I kinda forgot all about St. Paddy's and skipped on over to Easter!

Christine LeFever said...

Why is it that nearly all children have to wear braces? My parents had 8 children and only the last one needed braces. Is it something in the food chain since the 1960's? Maybe it's evolution and their heads can no longer accommodate the cave man sized teeth. Tee hee.

Anyway, those boys are growing with leaps and bounds. Good work!


Ruth Welter said...

Hi Suzanne, looking forward to seeing some of your newest commissions....I hope you are enjoying some lovely spring weather...


Laura Frantz said...

Suzanne, Hope you all celebrate with a big juicy steak and gummy candy or something:) My 13 yr. old, Wyatt, has been in braces for the past 2 yrs also and it's been a long haul. Supposed to be braces free this summer.

Your custom portrait sounds so interesting! I would love a son like that:) Your bunny above is pretty sweet, too...