Monday, February 1, 2010

A Snowy Day and Chicken Soup

Avery~ A Primitive Portrait on Early Work Mercantile

We had another snowfall yesterday. It was the "perfect snowfall"; for me at least. The big fat flakes fell from the sky and mounded on the grass, but not the was too warm to stick there. And then, after a few hours the rains came and washed most of the snow away. So we had all the "prettiness" without all the mess! :)

Vintage-Style Postcard Bunny on Stand on TDIPT
(Sold, but I may be able to talk my husband into making another :-)
Pear Tree on TDIPT

"Update days" ( ie, the 1st of every month for me) are usually long and take me quite awhile! Editing, cropping photos, putting watermarks on photos, writing somewhat coherent descriptions of my items, then hoping the internet cooperates so I can upload everything. So, after church, it was nice to sit and watch the snowfall while I updated my website, and online markets.
I sat by the window with my computer in my lap watching the snow fall while my husband made homemade chicken soup...from scratch! So yummy, and the house smelled wonderful!
(I'll admit it, I'm a little spoiled when it comes to not having to cook...not my favorite thing to do! But I love to eat whatever HE makes! :)

John and Abigail Adams (the older years!) on TDIPT
(Sold- thank you!)

Valentine Bouquet on Early Work Mercantile


Doreen said...

Good morning Suzanne. What a lovely day...homemade chicken soup (that hubby made for you) and snow....just perfect.

I am the same literally takes me all day to do the photo editing, writing and uploads!

LOVE all your new offerings.

Wishing you a wonderful day,

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Suzanne,
Wow, you have been a busy gal!
Your latest paintings are fantastic.
I especially like the valentine heart-is that your design?
Oh and the silhouettes are great.
Thanks for sharing,
PS: I would like to see you paint and drive-lol

Ruth Welter said...

Hi Suzanne, first of all, I love your wreath silhouettes from below, ow my they are so gorgeous.

I also especially love the rabbit that you and your husband worked on together...everything is so beautiful but those are my favorites.


Diane Costanza said...

I just love your work. It takes me back to the past and i love that.


Christine Crocker said...

Suzanne, your Avery is wonderful and all your other beautiful things.

happy February to you there, hope all is looking a little like spring.


Cassie Shella said...

Suzanne - it sounds like you had a perfect day. I love it when my hubby cooks (although he's not that great at cleaning up). Your painting and your bunny are wonderful. Have a great weekend.

Tery said...

You have such a beautiful blog! I am enjoying the read and pictures!