Friday, July 31, 2009

A Different View

(The old front window, "Before")

This week got away from me....lots of updates on the 1st and I've been painting non-stop since we came back from our trip. I'll post about the offerings tomorrow.

Before we left, we decided to take advantage of this year's tax credit for some home improvements and ordered new windows through a local company that also installs them. We really needed new windows. The old ones had been original to our 197o's home and some didn't seal well, or slide smoothly in the tracks, plus they weren't double paned so weatherwise they weren't very efficient.

So, for practical reasons it made good sense to order new ones. And since we have a small "Colonial Cottage" we only have five windows to replace.

When we moved into our home four years ago, we began the long process of remodeling..... slowly as time and money allowed. Most of the improvements have been inside where no one sees unless they are invited in!
The bathroom is redone, the kitchen, the ceilings (we scraped all the popcorn texture off....ugh!), new floors, and of course paint. The only outside improvements have been adding new plants, a walkway and paint.....oh, and of course the Porch Perils (click to read about that nightmare!).

(The window guys taking out the old windows. Sort of strange to see a huge hole in your home!)

The porch is still being "processed" by my husband. He is pricing concrete vs. wood and deciding which he'd rather work with, (and, he hasn't said it, but I'm pretty sure he's waiting until the weather gets a little cooler!)

(Here is the new front window from the outside, but without the custom trim.)

When we came home from our trip, we got a call that our windows were in and ready to be installed. We really were excited about it for lots of reasons, but we never expected the windows to transform the outside of our little!, what a difference a window can make!

(The window guys even put a custom trim around the outside of each window! Oh, and you can't see it for the honeysuckle, but there was some extra trim leftover and hubby framed the front door with it.)


Late tomorrow, (or on the 1st), I'll be updating on three websites:

To Dwell In Primitive Thymes- is having a Bippity-Bobbity-Boo Halloween theme.

The Eclectic Artisans- is having an Autumn/Halloween/Thanksgiving theme.

Early Work Mercantile - I've tried my hand at something CREEPY, but 19th century! :)


Patti said...

Your colonial cottage looks lovely! The best part about new windows - you open them more :) We installed new windows a few years ago. Before many couldn't even be opened - now they are open all the time! Enjoy them!

Can't wait to see your updates!
Blessings, Patti

Doreen said...

Good morning Suzanne. Love your new windows...and the trim is great!!! Looks so lovely!

Can't wait to see your new offerings :)

Hugs, Doreen

Caitlin said...

It's amazing how just the right window can
transform a space, both inside and out.
Looks great!

The Paisley Studio/Sarah McNamara said...

Looks great, Suzanne! Hope all is well with you and your family!


Lana of Honeysuckle Lane said...

The windows look great Suzanne! Your home is beautiful!

MIL said...

The house looks great. The new windows make an amazing change.

Your folks look fine. Thanks for posting photos of all.

Julie said...

Hi suzanne,
I look the new windows!!! I still have eight more to replace in my upstare bedrooms. I am hoping to get that done next year. Then I can get my tired looking home new siding.

Jacquelynne said...

You're right- your home is so "cottage-y" and welcoming with the new windows! Looks like something from HGTV!!!