Monday, July 21, 2008

Weekend Work

This weekend we did a little remodeling. My poor husband is not getting much of a summer vacation. The "honey-do" list never seems to end! A friend of ours had some wood flooring leftover from his own home improvement project and it was just enough to cover my son's bedroom floor. The wonderful thing is that the stain matched the wood flooring we have in the main rooms and hallway.

My son felt the need to "help" since it is his room! He started the project early by ripping out his carpet earlier in the week, so the "honey-do" project became a "must-do" project!

On Friday another friend came over to lend his expertise and it went down fairly quickly. They even finished the detail work of putting on new baseboards. The next "project" in his room is a platform bed. We'll see how much energy "honey-do husband" has next weekend!


While the wood flooring project was going on, I kept myself out of the way and busy by changing the color of the shutters we use as a fireplace screen. Do you have a piece of furniture in your home that you've painted every color under the sun at one time or another?
These poor shutters started out stained, then I painted them red, which went really well with the "americana/folkart" family room in our last home. For this home, I painted them black to go with the "colonial/cottage" look...but black stays sooooo dusty! Especially standing next to the French doors. (Here are "before " and "after" photos)

So, I thought maybe cream would hide the dust a little more, and be a little more "cottage-y" than colonial. I think I may put an antique stain over them to give it more of an "aged" look.
But, they probably won't stay this color for long! (Oh, I see another "project" to put on the list, now that I see this photo! A tiled hearth would look really nice, hmmmmm???)


Jacquelynne said...

Hey Suzanne that floor looks great! The home improvement/ honey-do list just never ends, does it? They have a saying for when you go through the buffet line and put way more food on your plate than you ever could (or should) eat, that Your eyes are bigger than your stomach.... Do they have a saying like that about home improvement, sewing, crafting projects? If not, they should! (Funny I just wrote something about that today, too!)
Have fun getting it all done!

Donna said...

Hi Suzanne,
Your projects turned out great! I am a big fan of hardwood floors.
And I love the shutters, what a great idea to use them in front of the fireplace. They turned out oh so nice!

Cookie said...

Love the floor - I have it in my kitchen and dining room and would never put anything else down. They turned out gorgeous!

And I have to say, I love both colors for the shutters - it's amazing that a little bit of paint can give such a contrasting look - easy on the wallet for a quick pick-me-up too!

Doreen said...

Good morning the new wood floor, Wow..and your fireplace is so lovely..the shutters came out wonderful..and I LOVE the clock. I have a thing for olde clocks.

have a wonderful day,

Tweetums said...

Wonderful revisions! The floor looks so beautiful - but then I'm a sucker for wood floors. - Very nicely done, indeed!

Ruth Welter said...

Suzanne, I love your hearth, it is gorgeous...with the huge clock and sign and of course, new shutters!! The flooring in your son's room looks so beautiful. I also think, it is very responsible and sweet of him to help by pulling up the carpet. Since it is his room, I'm sure it will give him a sense of accomplishment to have helped like that.

Anonymous said...

Very fine indeed as Tweetums says. Wood floors make life so much easier especially with boys, bless 'em.

The shutters sparkle - well, as much as they are allowed in an Early Am. setting!

"Good job" and "well done" to all of you. Nana

PAT said...

The flooring is beautiful, Suzanne.

I like that last shot of your fireplace. The cream shutters are so pretty. I love the sign, with clock above. Very nice!


Miss.Maddie's said...

With all the tones and shades in the natural brick your choices are aplenty.I think it looks nice in the white.
I also love the sweet miss above the hearth in the previous pic. She says Home Sweet Home.
The flooring looks great in your son's room too!
xo Susan

Lana said...

Suzanne the floor is beautiful! It's nice to check off projects, isn't it?

BB said...

Hi Suzanne...

the wood floors are very nice!!

I am loving your fireplace as all looks so warm and comfy...

just wanted to send big hugs your way..