Thursday, June 26, 2008

Traveling to Tennessee

Updated: Lana sent some photos she took of me since I didn't have any of myself....uh, thanks Lana!, I think, lol.
(Here I am at the gristmill across from Stg. York's homestead! We thought this was funny, because as you enter the park a sign read, "No alcoholic beverages"!)

I'm back, thank you for checking in....sorry it's taken a few days to post, guess I've had jet lag!
My visit with Lana and her wonderful family was such a treat. They were so nice and a joy to stay with this past week. I couldn't have asked for a more relaxing vacation. (Well, except for the day she woke me up at 4:45 AM to help her at the Lavender Festival (hehe)!...I'm NOT a morning person.)

Lana has a beautiful home in TN. On their land they have chickens, two horses (Mama, and baby), two dogs and a wild turkey that has adopted them as a surrogate family. It was so peaceful there, each day Lana would feed the chickens and collect their eggs. We would pet the horses and feed them clover and keep one eye on the turkey while we did! Here are a few photos of the family farm.


Lavender Festival Day

Last Saturday was the Lavender Festival in Oak Ridge, TN. Lana was a vendor and I was a sleepy helper (she didn't let me count back change to customers until after my coffee kicked in!)
For the festival, Lana made silk embroidery ribboned pillows, ribbon corsages, and lavender baskets. Here is a "Before" and "After" of her booth. Despite her volunteer help, she did really well, and so many sweet ladies stopped by to "ooo" and "awww", and purchase her handiwork!

We had a fellow artisan and her husband stop by during the day. Betsy (Foothill Primitives) and her husband Tim came to say "hi". Betsy surprised us each with a gift bag of some of her wax ornies! (Mine are in transit to my home or I would post pics.) Thank you Betsy! Here is a photo of Lana and Betsy.
One of Lana's sons and family also came by to visit, as well as one of her sisters. It was a very busy day!


The next few days of my visit were filled with sight-seeing, and souvenir shopping for my boys.
Lana took me to Pall Mall, TN, Sergeant Alvin C. York's homestead and gristmill. Here is a link about the area and about Sgt. York:


One of the sights was the time zone sign! lol! Lana lives on the line...well, close to it. And has to remember which time zone she is in when she shops, takes her son to school, etc. I have a hard time remembering to fall back in the Fall and spring ahead in Spring!
The time zone sign was on a bridge that overlooks a beautiful river. Here are some photos taken from the vantage point of the bridge. My photos don't do the area is a gorgeous area! And there is sweet Lana on the bridge.

I don't have many photos of people, aka: Lana, me, or anyone else for that matter...guess I am more of a landscape photographer! Lana did take a few more photos of us, so I'll see if she can email me a few...or, check her blog for photos AND for just a few of the beautiful pillows she had left for sale after the Lavender Festival.

Thank you Lana for a fun time, and I hope we are able to get together again soon!....wish we didn't live so far away!


Lana said...

Suzanne, I'd come pick you up at the airport tomorrow if you could come again so soon! It was a GREAT visit for all of us here and I'm so glad you enjoyed it! Hmmm, no pics of you at all.... hang on and I'll send some...

bluejeanprimitives said...

Looks like you had a wonderful peaceful trip Suz! Just as it should have been.... you and Lana deserve it :)

Did you get to eat any of those fresh eggs? I love Lana's chicken coop!!! Did you steal me a tail feather off that dang turkey? hahaha

Lana looks good enough to hug and hold onto all day long....

Thanks for sharing all these pictures!

xox Jean :)

Sylvia Anderson said...

Looks like you both had a wonderful time Suzanne! :) Thank you for sharing pics and telling us all about your trip! How fun that you got to visit with Betsy too! I love the pics of Lana's farm...did ol' Tom give you a scare?

Doreen said...

Susanne....looks like you had a wonderful time!!!!! I'm so glad!!!!! and Lana look sooo sweet..where are the pics of you????


Jacquelynne said...

So nice when 2 friends can spend quality time together. And I love Lana's farm- soooo beautiful!!

So now that you're back and feeling refreshed, what will you be working on next? (sorry was that pushy? I just like to see the stuff that you make!)

Patti said...

Welcome Back! I missed reading posts from both you and Lana! I'm so glad that you both had a wonderful time. You're pictures are wonderful and Lana's farm looks so peaceful. I just love that turkey! I wonder what my city neighbors would say if I got a pet turkey... I'm a landscape/still life photographer, too. Sometimes people wonder if anyone went with... I'm sure your family is glad to have you home!

Blessings, Patti

BB said... was So nice to finally to meet you Lana face to face after all of these years ....

I loved seeing all of your photo's...East TN is a beautiful glad you enjoyed your stay...and look forward to when you can come back..

Lana's home is lovely...she's in a perfect setting for living the good life...and someone we are proud to call our friend...

Big hugs,

ps..Tim said to say "hi"...

CARole said...

Hi Suzanne! How nice to read about your trip to meet Lana. I loved seeing the photos of you and her. It's so fun to see what people look like. I have not spoken to Lana for a long time, but I knew her quite well when we belonged to the same group-Early Cloth and Paint. It was fun seeing her farm and animals.Wish you had photos of her house. I'll be it's neat as a pin.

Rachael Kinnison said...

Has it been than long??? Youre Back allready???? You look marvelous as usual, and so does Lana~ did she get her HAIR CUT??!!

Im glad you survived Mr Turkey....ours are getting 'quite' cheeky and may indeed end up on the table this fall....well~ one of them anyway. Im glad you had a wonderful time and are home safe

PAT said...

Suzanne I enjoyed your trip report and all the photos.

I love ribbon embroidery and have a couple of pillows.

My mother was a visiting nurse, during the 1970's early 80's. Her visits were in the hills and hollers of the Ozarks. She ran into one of those stills a time or two, when given the wrong directions to a patient's home!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Cookie said...

Girls have been sorely missed!

What sweet pics - wish I could have been there with you! Tennessee is as gorgeous as I remember from our trip there 2 summers ago. And look at that Turkeyboy strutting his stuff!

I'm so glad you had this time together - what an exciting time!

Daughternature Primitive Folk Art said...

Suzanne - what fun!!! Thanks for posting all the neat pics. It's almost like being there with you girls. - BJ

Lorraine said...

Oh, sounds like a GREAT time!! What wonderful picture, and such lovely ladies!! I'm so glad you girls had a good time!!

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Oh Suzanne! Sounds like a wonderful time! I'm from Tennessee originally and the pics made me homesick!

Doreen said...

Okay..that settles it...remember we were chatting about getting all of us TEA girls together somewhere???? well.....I think we should all go to Lana's!!!! are a cutie!!! You too Lana.


Christine LeFever said...

Oh how beautiful and exciting for you, Suzanne! Thank you for sharing.

Lana's little farm is so very charming as is she.

Christine (Zwee!!!!!!)

Ruth Welter said...

Suzanne, welcome back home. Thanks for sharing all the beautiful photos of your trip and it was great to get to see you in some of the photos as well pretty lady!!

Loved seeing the chickens (I had pigeons growing up but no chickents) and the gorgeous countryside. I hope your trip was resentful and that you enjoyed your time with Lana

Miss.Maddie's said...

Isn't it wonderful the places you can visit and the people you can meet.
It looks like you really enjoyed yourself and it is always fun when your hostess is pretty special herself.
Now you can enjoy home, the boys and all the other great things you like to do over the long, hot summer.
xo Susan

Dogpatch Primitives said...

oh, I bet you two had a blast together, and I bet LL hated to see you go Suzanne.
Thanks for sharing all the great pics, and you two are both darling!
I must say though, I pictured LL to be a blonde, don't know why, but I sure did.


Donna said...

Looks like you had a fabulous time, Suzanne!
How funny living in two time zones, I can't imagine having to think about that.
I enjoyed all your photos!

Donna said...

I'm so glad that you had a wonderful time in our beautiful state of Tennessee! It was nice to meet you at the festival!

FrenchGardenHouse said...

Suzanne, it looks like you had a simply wonderful time with Lana! Thanks for sharing your trip with all of us. xo Lidy

Gathering Hope said...

So sorry I missed you on this trip. Hopefully you'll be back and I can tag along...
I know you had a blast:)

Prim and Proper Folks said...

Suzanne, I'm so happy that you had a nice vacation and were able to spend time with Lana and her family! Great pics, my friend!! :-)

Nancy Lee Malay said...

What fun to see photos of you and Lana! I'm so happy you had a good time, and would love if you'd both make a trip to Minnesota someday,


SweetAnnee said...

Oh what fun it looks and so relaxing..Glad you got to visit..
and love all the photos..Deena

Sylvia Anderson said...

OK, that one of you in front of the Moonshine Still is a crack up!!! Love it, and I am so glad I popped in to take a second peek! LOL!

Sean B. Halliday said...

Enjoy the traveling in Tennessee.
I love it here.

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Please feel free to use it to find all that the Tri has to offer.

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