Monday, April 28, 2008

You Would Think....

....that after a year of blogging and being on blogspot, I would have played around with all of the features and familiarized myself with the "ins" and "outs" of the system. But I realized this past week that I've never known how to add a catchy phrase to the bottom of each post where people click to comment. Someone emailed asking how to post a comment for the give away....and I had to explain it by saying, "You click on the words, # ( a number) comment."

That sounded nondescript and confusing. So this weekend, I clicked around in blogspot and found the page where you can add a greeting to the "post a comment" page... (and I got a little silly...but I may keep it!)

I had help finding the edit page to add a catchy phrase to the bottom of each post.....(Thanks Lana!).

And before you read what "catchy phrase" I added and are offended and refuse to post....let me explain the word "Quaint"!!
(The word can also be found on My Website as the title to the links page, and I thought it would be cute here too.)

Here are a couple of definitions of the adjective "Quaint":

From Free Dictionary


1. Charmingly odd, especially in an old-fashioned way: "Sarah Orne Jewett . . . was dismissed by one critic as merely a New England old maid who wrote quaint, plotless sketches of late 19th-century coastal Maine" James McManus.
2. Unfamiliar or unusual in character; strange: quaint dialect words. See Synonyms at strange.
3. Cleverly made; artful.

[Middle English, clever, cunning, peculiar, from Old French queinte, cointe, from Latin cognitus, past participle of cognscere, to learn; see cognitive.]

...really, don't be is another:


Middle English queinte, cointe, from Anglo-French, clever, expert, from Latin cognitus, past participle of cognoscere to know
13th century
see strange
1obsolete : expert, skilled. 2 a: marked by skillful design <quaint with many a device in India ink — Herman Melville> b: marked by beauty or elegance3 a: unusual or different in character or appearance : odd quaint people — Herman Wouk> b: pleasingly or strikingly old-fashioned or unfamiliar

So please post away any and all~ Charmingly Odd, Expertly Skilled, Old-fashioned Peculiar, Cleverly Artful, and Unusually Beautiful Elegant people!

(thanks Lana for the photo of the "quaint" lady!)


the feathered nest said...

LOL! Well I love the definition of quaint and will proudly post a comment!


PAT said...

Suzanne...Your quaint lady has a striking resemblance to one of my great G'mas!!

Cute post and I like your message above this space.

Have a wonderful week!

Nana said...

Always the teacher, you quaint artist, You.

Loved your post.
You never cease to amaze.

Christine LeFever said...

How quaint! You are indeed a good researcher and this was a delight!


Doreen said...

You can call me anything you want Suzanne ;)'s funny ..i too had trouble figuring out how to add a saying to that area..i figured out how to change the background quicker than figuring the comment section out!!!


Donna said...

Suzanne, you are so clever! I would be glad to be called quaint folk!
Have a good day!

Inspired Tokens said...

I love the photo of the 'quaint' lady, along with your posted definitions. Great research.

Thank you for leaving such kind remarks on my blog. I adore your posts. I will surely be back to visit.

Happy Monday...and week ahead!

Cookie said...

well dang nabbit, I ain't never been called a quaint one, so less just chalk that up as a first too!


Lorraine said...

What a Quaint phrase!!LOL Kudos to you for figuring out how to do it!!
Proud to be Quaint:o)!!

Dogpatch Primitives said...

Oh Suzanne, you're the cutest teacher I know! I think the word quaint is quite quaint! I think it's the perfect word for you to use to personalize your comments section with.


Dogpatch Primitives said...

meant to mention, that LL sure is a helpful one, isn't she?

~~kattz*cottage~~ said...

I can relate so much to this post! There is SO much about blogging that I still don't know - so much to learn. I love being a quaint commenter on your blog!