Monday, August 13, 2007

"Life's A Beach"...and other things

~Thank you to all of my dear blogging and online friends for the "Nice Matters" award nominations. I feel VERY blessed to know each of you.~

Today on American Folk Art
the theme update for August is "Life's a Beach" today at 12pm, EST. Now, I must say, that I was having a bit of difficulty deciding what to paint...19th century swimmers in their bathing suits? Hmmmm, nope....Ships sailing into port? Well, that might take me forever painting ropes, lines, and sails. And since I haven't actually tried to paint a "real" ship, it may not look right, so...I'll save that idea for another day.

My friend Lana suggested a little boy sailor and that is what I've painted, thanks Lana!

So please click over for a visit and see all the wonderful offerings for the theme, "Life's A Beach".

This weekend we will have guests arriving, my in-laws are coming to stay for a few days. We are excited for their visit, but now the bathroom remodel has an actual deadline! Here is what my poor husband worked on in the heat this weekend:

And before you get too excited, lol! Nothing is attached, it's like the displays at the home improvement stores! BUT, you can get an idea of the final stages. So, this week we will paint the base, the top is stained and sealed. Then put corner moldings on the bead board and base boards on the walls. Oh, and connect the plumbing!

Thank you honey for all of your hard work! Now you need a vacation from your summer vacation!

And...Today is my older son's B-Day! Happy Birthday, Ethan. We love you and are very proud of you.
(Here he is posing for me to use him in a profile portrait...It sort of looks like a mug shot, Lol! )


Mrs. G said...

I love that sink & the cabinet...modern but natural too :)

and Happy Birthday Ethan :)

Wendy said...

Love your Sailor Boy! You're work is always fantastic.
And there is a light at the end of the tunnel after all with your is very nice!
Your son is very handsome too! :)

the feathered nest said...

Happy Birthday to Ethan!

You're bathroom is looking good! Love that sink. You'll have to think of a nice way to thank hubby for all his hard work.

Your Sailor Boy painting is wonderful as usual.


PAT said...

Happy Birthday Ethan!!

I love the painting and that sink is amazing. Love that style!


Michelle Sylvia said...

Your art is fantastic!! THe sailor boy is NO exception! I LOVE HIM!!!! One of these days I am going to own one of your creations! For now I will just dream and drool. :0)

Your bathroom looks soooo nice! I LOVE the vanity which is so unique!


Auntie and all the Rest said...

Happy birthday, E. We love you!

Lorraine said...

Happy Birthday mean your kids will be still and POSE for you???Lucky you!!
I love the sailor boy!
And the bathroom is looking GREAT!!

Miss Maddie's said...

Suzanne,Your little sailor lad is most handsome.I could envision him at a small lake sailing his pond yacht will the nanny sits at the park bench nearby.She too is enjoying the sunshine while he dreams of deep blue seas and distant lands.Just like his father he shall captain his own ship someday and return to port with treasures from afar! Susan

Nana said...

Such a handsome lad! Has been from Day One lo, those many years ago.

Can hardly wait to wash in that splendid sink, but sorry to be rushing you - well, rushing that equally handsome husband of yours.
And in heat too. That gets extra points.

Rachael said...

Your bath looks devine! And I WANNA SEE Ethans portrait! Are you going to do it like an early lined silhouette? Of COARSE T*H*A*T* would be too special to sell! XOXOXOX

oak wind farm said...

Your work is awesome! I love primitive paintings! I wish I had your talent!

Happy Birthday to your son, Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby and congrats on the new bathroom. It looks great!