Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Here's Your Sign

Thank you for the Happy Birthday wishes. :) August is a big month of birthdays for us. Next week my oldest son will be twenty! YIKES! Why does that seem more of a milestone than me turning fifty?! GULP!

This week I had a rare afternoon alone in the house. It was quiet and I was trying to get some painting done. Then came a knock on the front door. Molly, our min schnauzer, started to bark. Well, it was more like she became unglued! She really goes nuts when someone comes to the door, even if it is her owners! :)

Thinking it was one of my boys who forgot their key, I opened the door. Nope, not a family member, but a salesman! Grrrrr!

Evidently my signage was not a deterrent for this guy.

When I opened the door, the young man said, "Ha!, that is the funniest thing I've ever seen!" (referring to my sign-photo above), and then asked, "Can I take a picture?".

Really? Well, just for the record: This sign is counterproductive. Haha!

Oh, but that's not all. After I said,"Sure", and pulled the barking schnauzer back into the house, he called all of his friends over to see my sign. You know, the van load of salesmen that are released on a street to canvas a neighborhood? Well, they all gathered on my front porch.

Molly was beside herself at this much for my "quiet" afternoon alone at home!

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  And here is what I was trying to work on that afternoon. The boys have dubbed her "Creepy Girl".  Lol! Guess she is a little creepy, but she will be getting a dress and some hair next, so that should make her a little more attractive and self-confident. *snicker*

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Caitlin said...

Love the story of your sign!