Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Blessings of the Season

For the last four or five years, I've been asked to provide the cover artwork for our church's Christmas Eve program. This year, I decided to paint a silhouette. Truth be told, it was getting down to the deadline and painting in just two colors is a lot faster than a full color painting!

Usually the church staff hands me some photos of ideas they would like for the program, but this year they said, "just do whatever you like." So there was freedom in color choice and in design. I kept thinking of the line in the song, "Mary Did You Know", by Mark Lowry and Buddy Greene.© 1984
"When you kiss your little baby, you kiss the face of God."
So I drew a simple profile drawing of Mary holding the baby Jesus and painted it in silhouette.

We are now two days into our Christmas break from school and another snow storm blew through this weekend. If it remains cold, the snow just might stay on the ground for a white Christmas.

Wishing you a Wonderful Christmas with family and friends. May your time together be a Blessed time of celebration. From our family to yours, Merry Christmas!


Cassie Shella said...

This is really beautiful, I love it. Makes me feel very peaceful. We have some snow on the ground and very cold temperatures - I will admit to wanting any more snow to hold off until after this week! Too much traveling:) Have a very Blessed Christmas.

Julia said...

Lovely!, as usual.

June said...

Hi Suzanne,
Your cover for the program is lovely. I just adore your artwork!

You guys have really been getting more snow than usual this year. We have lots, but we are used to it here and have a lot of snow removel equiptment. My daughter said that getting around the city in the snow has been a pain. But it sure is beautiful.
Wishing you and your dear family a Merry Christmas.
hugs to you...

Emily said...

Beautiful. I Love it.

Ruth Welter said...

Suzanne, your cover silhouette is simply stunning, beautiful work.

I wanted to wish you the happiest of holidays. See you next year.


Suzanne said...

Dear Suzanne,
I wish you and your family many blessings and a wonderful Christmas!

Dame Judi said...

Beautiful in word and 'deed'. Truly. Does the church know how fortunate they are having you share your gift(s) with them?

Hope your white Christmas is also a warm Christmas.

Missing y'all.

Jacquelynne said...

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas, Suzanne. Here's wishing you and your family a wonderful and blessed new year!