Thursday, November 4, 2010

Tea anyone??

(photo of tea plant from Julia's own garden)

Julia, my sister-in-law and the proprietor of Turner Hill Teas (formally Turner Hill Studios) is now offering a new line with a new website!

Turner Hill Teas is officially open online, as well as for scheduled cuppings. If you live in her area of the Northwest, you can contact her through her website.
Julia has a passion for tea and has dedicated herself to learning the art of tea making, blending ...and just about everything you might want to know about teas. She has become a Certified Tea Specialist and in her own words, "Her mission is to educate people on the wonders and complexities of tea, infusing their lives with one of the simplest and most beautiful pleasures in the world."

Please visit Julia on her new blog: Turner Hill Tea- Blog

And be sure to stop by for some tea at her new website: Turner Hill Tea- Website

I've already placed my order and am anxious to try her blends....the weather is perfect for a cup of tea!


Julia said...

Thank you Sister-Dear, for your most kind and gracious promotion of my tea biz. I really appreciate it, more than you know. Thanks for being a champion for me.
(by the way- tea order in the mail today)

Diane Costanza said...

I love a good cup of tea. My favorite is English Breakfast Tea. Good luck to Julia's new endeavor!

Lana said...

Congratulations and best wishes to Julia! I'm sure her business will be a success! :)

Cassie Shella said...

Perfect timing! I have just recently started drinking more tea. (I'm trying to cut down on my coffee) My mother is also a huge tea drinker so guess what I'm getting her for Christmas! Thanks so much for sharing your sister's web site:)