Sunday, April 18, 2010

Catching Up

Okay, go ahead and ask me anything you've ever wanted to know about Henry Ford and his Model "T"! Want to know anything about the assembly line he used to make the cars? His methods of advertising? Anything at all? :-)

I feel like an expert now after helping my son with his research paper. That's what we've been doing here for the last few weeks....research papers! Both sons are required to write one this semester. One son has now written his closing paragraph about Mr. Ford and the other is just starting his research. He wants to write about Vancouver, BC in hopes of a family trip there someday. So now we have another few weeks of research and rough drafts. But at least I've learned a few tricks to streamlining the paper writing process!

(Ethan getting his braces Off!)

If you stop by once in awhile, you may know that I home school my boys through K12 .
And if you've read older posts, you also may have read about our sons. Both boys are on the Autism spectrum. You may know someone or have a family member, or two who is on the spectrum as well. It is April; which is Autism Awareness month, and since I started blogging a few years ago, this is the month I usually post a little about our family and our boys.

(Ben getting ready for his braces.)

This year, I thought I'd share about a recent experience for BOTH of them. A few posts ago, I showed you a photo of my older son's braces. Ethan got his off last week, and on the same day, just a few chairs down, my younger son, Ben, got his on. For both boys, sensitivity is a huge issue; loud noises (although when they make their own loud noise, it doesn't seem to bother them, go figure!), certain clothes, tags in clothes are always ripped out before I can cut them out... I'm forever repairing collars!, certain food textures and temps, etc., get the idea.
So, for people with autism, foreign objects in the mouth are a huge sensitivity issue. Actually, braces for ANYBODY are a huge sensitivity issue! But for my guys, who had/have to have braces for medical reasons, we waited until they were a little older to start the process.

(Ethan, "after"....he was still reclining in the chair and looks a little sleepy!)

Change and transitions are also something we are working on, so for Ethan, (after threatening to get the pliers and rip his braces off the first week he had them on!!),~ jump ahead two and half years, and the CHANGE of taking the braces OFF was a big deal! The braces now had become his "friends"....but after Dr. Gold (and he is "golden", because he is a wonderfully patient man) talked Ethan into taking his off, and wearing a "cool" retainer. Ethan is looking and feeling a lot older without his braces. I think he feels a little more grown up, which is a great thing for his self-esteem.

(Ben "after", with braces on the top row....his favorite color is, the color bands he chose are red and black; like the stripes in his room!)

And a few chairs down from Ethan, the ortho technician was readying Ben's teeth for Dr. Gold to put on his new braces. Of course, Ben was excited by the "idea", but once they were put on (just the uppers for now; bottoms will come later)...he threatened the same thing Ethan had wanted to do when he first got them on while we were IN the orthodontist's office! (This is were I wanted to crawl under a chair!)...But, Dr. Gold was patient yet again and nothing my boys do, or SAY phases him. He convinced Ben to wait a week and see how it feels far, it's been a little over a week, Ben is fine, and I've hidden the pliers! :)

As they get older, we've noticed that they are handling these sensitivities better and better. I know a little of it is just getting used to something, and accepting it, and some of it is maturity. They've both come a long way, and we are so grateful for both of them!

Now, in a few weeks...I'll be able to help you with your travel plans to Vancouver, BC! Get your passports ready! Unless you already live there, and you could help us with our research paper! :)


Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Wow--what an eventful day for everyone!
Prayers for all~

Dame Judi said...

Great, informative and sensitive post.

My heartiest congratulations to those young men, their mum and the Golden Doctor. (and the dad too who makes all things possible, right? Of course, right!)

Here's hoping the BC trip becomes reality.

Jacquelynne said...

I know how uncomfortable braces were for both of my girls, so i can imagine it was more difficult for your boys. My daughter had to wear a brace for scoliosis, it was a huge deal at the time, it came off only 4 years ago, but it seems like a lifetime ago... time really does fly.... they are kids with braces and then suddenly they are all grown up.

June said...

Suzanne you can images how much I loved reading this post about your boys. I can relate on so many of the sensitivity issues and loud noises. Ethan's teeth look awesome and I know that ben's will as well.
Hurray for you mom...helping them with their papers. Here's hoping for an A+.

Laura Frantz said...

You are a wonder! A big thumbs up to your brave men:) I admire you so much for homeschooling and all the rest. Just thinking about you and praying you have green pastures and still waters today.