Friday, February 20, 2009

So, What's New in Your Library?

This past week I treated myself by purchasing two new books. They both arrived this week, and I'm still thumbing through the pages. I bought them for inspiration and research and to learn something new!

I usually find and reserve books that our library system has available to find inspirations for my painted silhouettes. But now I have my very own book! Not only does it have several illustrations of silhouettes, it has the history of the art as well as the profile artists who snipped or painted them.

Silhouettes: A History and Dictionary of Artists by Mrs. E. Nevill Jackson


This was recommended to me and I'm glad I purchased it. I'm already getting ideas for art and have even purchased some of the products that this book recommends so I can give some of these techniques a try. Funny how one purchase leads to another!

So, if the postal fairies wing my new supplies to me this weekend, I'll be getting my hands wet with paint, (and other mediums!).

Acrylic Revolution by Nancy Reyner


On my nightstand for bedtime reading I have A Deaf Artist in Early America: The World of John Brewster Jr. by Harlan Lane
Yes, it reads like a History book, but it is really very interesting, and of course, I love John Brewster's portraits.

I also recently discovered the author, Elizabeth Aston. Well, I've actually had her first book in this series for several years and never opened it!
Ms. Aston has written a series of books that continue the stories of Jane Austen's characters; Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett. According to Ms. Aston, they have children and her books follow their lives.
So, after finishing the first book: Mr. Darcy's Daughters, I'm now reading the second book in the series: The Exploits & Adventures of Miss Althea Darcy.

So.....What is new in your library? What are you reading?

.....oops, if you enlarge that last photo you can see some paint I didn't get off of the table from my last project! Well, if the supplies arrive that won't be the only paint on the table!


Doreen said...

Good morning Suzanne...don't you worry about the paint..i swear there is a dot of paint on every surface of this house:)

These books look the Acrylic Revolution and the books by Elizabeth Aston sound wonderful..I'm going to see if my library has them.

Have a wonderful day,

The Burlap Owl said...

I love historical fiction and non-fiction too. Elizabeth Aston sounds interesting, I'll have to look her up next!
Have a great weekend!
Take Care,

foobella said...

What a coincidence. I just last night finished Pride & Prejudice and wished it could go on and on. I loved it so much. I am going to have to watch the movie again, too.

NOW I find this post with a book about two of my favorite characters? Right on!

Lana said...

I may have to check out the Elizabeth Aston books! Jess will want to read them too!

Ruth Welter said...

Ow, love that Silhouette book Suzanne. Books are some of my favorite things to buy. Now that I've recently purchased my purple i-pod nano...I've discoverd the joy of audio books. I love being able to listen attentively to a book while I paint because, I cannot paint and read at the same time LOL. It is a new passion of mine.


Anonymous said...

Oh Goodie! Two new wonderful books that I must get! Thanks for sharing. I am excited.

Heather said...

Oh, those all sound good! Love the book on the silhouettes and the Deaf Artist book sound fascinating! Do tell if you liked it when you're done! I am fascinated by early american artists. I am a total history nerd myself...I am reading a book called Good Wives now about women's lives in the colonial days. Makes me thankful for my modern life and conviniences!

CARole said...

Hi Suzanne. I was visiting some blogs today and wanted to let you know that I enjoyed reading yours. It's been a while since I have heard from you and hope that you will stop by for a visit very soon.
Enjoy your books!

Jacquelynne said...

I have been tempted to get some of those books that pick up where Pride and Prejudice left off. Do you think Jane minds?

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Always learning! It's fun to experiment with new things, techniques, etc.

Julie said...

Hi Suzanne, They really do look like great book to read. I too love John Brewster Jr. portraits. He was really was wonderful artist. Julie