Monday, September 8, 2008

Havin' Some Bloggin' Fun

Have you seen the new gadgets you can add to your blog here on blogspot? I've been playing around with them. Not sure how they all work yet, or if I'll click something and blow up my little bit of the world wide web! So far everything has stayed intact, fingers crossed!

There is a new feature where you can "follow" a blog. I added it to my blog and then asked Lana to see if it worked. Thanks Lana! She is now a "follower" of this blog, and when she adds the gadget to hers, (um....hint, hint), I can sign up to follow hers. So, let me know if you've added this new feature to your blog and we can "follow" each other....not sure where we will end up though!
(my "follow" link is on the sidebar, right before you get to "My Links")

Oh, and I've changed the blog colors and template design a little too (just couldn't help but play around once I was on the dashboard!) And, yes...I realize the dress color of the girl in the banner doesn't actually "match" the new background color, but I couldn't customize a color. So I'd like to add my own background to the blog....does anyone know how to do that?

Would you send me an email? Thanks!


Jacquelynne said...

Hey, guess what- I'm a follower!!!! Is that creepy (like a stalker), or sad (as in, be a leader, not a follower), or scary (like a cult or something)?? Oh well, I'm still happy to be one of your first followers!
Maybe I will try to figure out how to add this to my blog.

Lana said...

lol.... guess I'm a stalker / follower too!

Ruth Welter said...

Hi Suzanne, mega cool...funny, when I was doing my blog post this afternoon, the dashboard was telling me I had 1 follower. I was thinking...what does all this mean?? Ok, thanks for telling me about this..I would like to follow you too. : ) I'll leave your blog up so my husband can figure this out, this is really neat that blogger has done this.

You have been creating so many beautiful autumn pieces Suzanne...I think I told you already but in case I haven't, I love your Little Autumn Acorn, she is gorgeous...and your sweet pumpkin heads from the post below. So creative and awesome.

Ok, off to figure this "following" thing out. Thanks for your sweet wishes today. : 0


Christine LeFever said...

What fun you're having, Suzanne! Doreen Frost sent me a how to do that, so I will send it to you in an email.

Good luck with it.

Christine ~ Zwee!!!!!!