Wednesday, January 9, 2008

"The Daily Dose"

I was honored yesterday to receive an award from a friend and fellow blogger, Dana of Eccentricities Studio. She is a sweet person who has a caring heart, as well as, being a very talented artist. She has recently launched "Crow & Co.", a line of primitives through her Eccentricities Studio. Dana passed it along to me for my Friday posts, "Passed Painter of the Day".... (which I need to post with more consistency!) Thank you Dana.

Choosing other bloggers/blogs for this award is truly difficult. Since starting my blog (almost 100 posts ago! woo-hoo! check back in a few days for a 'blog give away' please), I've met so many interesting, thoughtful, clever, creative, kind people who inspire and encourage. Just the "short list" of these fellow bloggers is on my sidebar, there are many more out there in blogland!
But for the award to be passed along, here are a few blogs I find inspiring, informative....and all of the afore-mentioned attributes:

Lana~ for "encouraging" me to start a blog, and for reminding us to celebrate in the simplest of joys. (And by the way, she is having her 100th post give away this please go and sign up!).

Miss Maddie's (aka Susan)~ for her thoughtful and clever's always a treat to read her posts.

Carole~ for sharing her love of antiques and treasures from the past with well as her art.

Rachael~ for being our online docent and allowing us to tour her wonderful collection of early American fashions.

And there are many more blogs that I enjoy visiting on a daily, thank you all for sharing your thoughts and hearts with each of us who visit.


Lana said...

Thanks Suzanne! I am behind on blogging and will try to do this next week.

CARole said...

Oh, no, geez, Suzanne, I feel terrible. With the holidays and all, I completley and totally forgot to say thank you for this very nice thing you said about me. I am not sure how I should do this, should I write on my blog about myself? Can you email me and tell me what I should do? thank you dear, i would appreciate it. again, so sorry

Rachael Kinnison said...

Thankyou so much Suzanne~ I am honored you have thought of me!